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Pure, Happy Healthy Podcast with Leandra Haupt featuring Daniel Levin

i love when i do a podcast and forget that it happened and then wake up and see that is now live, i love the surprise that it gives me.
this is such a nice conversation that speaks about how i transitioned from going out to having my 50 conversations with 50 strangers series (you can hear them at

i rarely get this personal as i have here in this podcast.  i hope you enjoy getting to know me.  please if you feel to, have a listen to this conversation. it seems so easy and yet, i have this beautiful conversation with Leandra Haupt and we discuss openly some very basic beliefs, even some we disagree on. thank you Leandra for holding the space for me to share this on your podcast.

do we really need to love ourselves before we can love others? have a listen and see what you feel.…/pure-happy-healt…/id1493750897…

i hope you love it

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