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5o More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with January Gabriel

5o More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with January Gabriel

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in all transparency, january and i were not strangers when we came into the zoom room, we tried to not know anything about each other but there was clearly an energy that was bringing us together. instead of fighting the feeling to connect to play by the rules of the room we broke the rules and started to text. but we did not speak to each other or see each other until she entered the room for this call.

it was great because it brought us into the room with an anticipation of how would be to hear and see each other.

there were multiple times n the conversation that if you are sensitive you will notice a shift in january’s energy. it is something that has been happening in the room since the first conversation and it is simple this: the more someone feels loved and accepted, listened to and heard and acknowledge and validated, people relax and wo they are not falls aways, leaving who they are to emerge. it is beautiful to watch and it happens several times in this call.

listen in to hear the conversation and to her my reframe on what January wants to say on the platform she is being given. was i right or not, listen in to find out.

i know you will enjoy listening to this one.

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