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It is so simple

but I made it so complicated.

As I meditate on this, and sit with it, and feel it

I realize, I have protected myself for so long

I have forgotten the one thing that will end all of my pain

how to love.


I have surrounded myself with walls to protect myself from getting hurt

walls of pain protecting me from more pain.

how did I ever start to believe that made sense?

and the more my walls of pain protected me

the more I forgot how to love.


sitting here now,

I see it all starts with kindness to myself,

in the beautiful practice of loving me.

this love strengthens me and this love melts the walls that protect me

for love needs no protection.

love is love. love is connection.

love removes pain by simply being there

just like light removes darkness because its presence makes it impossible for darkness to be.


and love grows

the more I love, the more I feel a connection to the source of all that love is.

I connect to something so much bigger than myself

and in this connection, I merge with the love that creates all things.

I become connected to the source of all love.


and love grows again

and in this expansion of love, I see my purpose

I am here to experience this experience.

I am here to love.

that is my purpose.


and love grows again,

with love as my purpose I now know what i am here to do

i am here to just love. love is all there is

and i can do nothing other now than love.

and just by being love, pain vanishes.

and this is The Mosaic, a connection of love with others that heals pain.

these are the four practices of connection. this is THE MOSAIC.

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