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the amazing thing about connection
is that many times in order to connect
we must disconnect from something else.
take a moment and look at what you believe
how do you feel about disconnection?
does it excite you? scare you? free you? or freeze you?
it is so important to consciously look
at how we feel about change
not the changes we control, but the ones out of our control.
if we want more connection in any area of life,
there is a good chance we need to disconnect
from something that holds us there.
are you ready to risk losing what you know for the unknown?
there is no right or wrong answer
wherever you are is wherever you are
no judgement, no self hatred, no punishment of self
just with a kind and loving heart, notice how you feel.
and only you know the real answer.
go within, take time to know piece,
and in that, peace comes
peace by piece.

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