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EP 077 Uncover The Hidden Roots of Life Issues with Seema Agarwal

Jun 1, 2020

Seema Agarwal is a mystic, truth-seeker, and a transformation catalyst. she cares deeply about the individual well-being and shaping of our collective consciousness.

She started her professional career as an Engineer but soon realized that her inner devotion and love towards the Divine outweighed everything. This love led her through a journey of healing, awakening, and weeding out that from her consciousness which kept her separate.

The never-ending quest for understanding life’s mysteries brought her to many long spiritual journeys in India and the West, where she spent a considerable amount of time learning the different streams of wisdom – Divine Union through Yoga, Breathwork, Mantras, Systemic Constellations, Ancestral Healing, Energy Healing, Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

At some point in her journey all the personal and collective suffering within her exploded and she became at peace with the world. Life with all its ironies has been humbling and beautiful.

Her purpose of my life is love, service, and liberation.

what you will hear in this podcast:

this was different than most podcasts I do. a little more teachy than I usual allow but the information is so fascinating I wanted to let it happen because I truly believe she sees links to ancestral healing that we don’t see.


  • someone that sees things others do not see that can release you from pain and suffering from places you may never have even considered possible
  • the pivotal moment when she could no longer be an engineer
  • the point where it was no longer ok and what it looks like
  • even though we can love the divine anywhere, we don’t? why
  • how does this change happen?
  • her dads death before she was born and the burden she carried
  • the acceptable behaviour of a lost childhood
  • repeating the pattern
  • what happened when she served others and what happened when she wanted to do something for herself
  • what it means to be living in a living universe?
  • who you think you are you are and so much more
  • the forces that influence us explained
  • how does the transference of family constellations happen and indigenous cultures
  • it turns more personal when seema responds and gives some other possible reasons for what I am going through in my story of my dad and how it got passed to me
  • we try to figure it out from the place we are in, when maybe its roots are ancestral
  • if you are new to this work, do not pull the curtain all the way up. but if you have been doing the work on yourself that you have been doing but feel stuck, work with someone who can see what you don’t see, including the generational work that can free you.
  • the release process and what a session looks like
  • whereas some say easier said than done, with the shamanic process, it is easier done than said
  • the healing practice of tuning into the family tree and listening to what comes
  • I love how the practice of listening crosses generational timelines and reveals what is happening generationally until the pattern emerges.
  • contact her to be a part of her introductory workshop
  • hear her response to the question I ask everyone as a final question


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