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Ep 059 A Global Human Connection Project with Traci Ruble

Mar 26, 2020

Traci Ruble is a relationship expert.  She has been working with individuals and couples for over sixteen years in California and has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, and NPR.  She is currently working on her first book on intimacy at home and at work.  

Traci also founded and leads a global human connection project called Sidewalk Talk where over 7000 listeners sit on sidewalks in over 92 locations across 15 countries offering to listen about anything and heal our lonely and divided world.  Sidewalk Talk was recently featured in Oprah Magazine.


what you will hear on this podcast:

* hear about the environment she grew up in

* listen to her wound story

* how the assumptions we hold and very rarely what is true about the reality

* the piece that allowed her to lift herself out of the reality she was borne into

*  hear the lob over the net and what it meant

* hear how we create the thing we most seek

* the story of the annoying kid and diarreha of the mouth

*  the elisa story and what she was trying to say for what is your son trying to say

*  the feeling of exhausting her physiology to release the feeling of of stress and pressure.

* what changed for her in the movement fro running as a spiritual practice to running to achieve

* how her friendships helped her through her life

* what it means to repair with each other

* understand a whole new way of seeng connection

* hear the connection points we make that are not true, in the actions another does.

* the faulty assumptions we make and the acceptance that sometimes that will happen

* thich nat hahn, the trashman and the freedom that comes in letting go of the burdens they carry

* how she setup a movement to listen to people

* the beautiful moment of claiming who she is

* the artistry of the provocation of just sitting with another on a busy street with people hurrying by.

* thinking  through the process of just setting up 16 chairs

* what is the most surprising things she has noticed from listening to people

* find out what do people say most to  her and the people who listen with her

* listen to the story of her tour to the south with 7 listeners and what happened in Louisville, KY

* what would she say if she knew the world was really listening

* an intimate moment when she shares her big fear.

* hear about the kind of listening that melts away the attention giving speech and touched the depth of what really wants to be said

* the honor of truly hearing someone and the blossoming that happens when it happens.

* hear about the humility of seeng what we see as a reflection on ourselves

* find out what she is really good at. it just might surprise you.

* the story of the up-stander.

* the one thing she would suggest you do right now to help create the world you want to see


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