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Ep 057 Surrender, Letting Go and Minimalism with Nathan Seaward

Mar 17, 2020

born into a pretty ordinary life in new zealand, nathan lived in a suburban neighbourhood which was a 15 minute bike ride to the airport , where he would lay in the long grass and watch the planes fly a few hundred feet above him.

surprise, surprise.Nathan Seaward became a pilot and enjoyed a successful 16-year career flying planes until. his desire for personal development led him to become a  Personal Coach and host and creator of the popular podcast The Nathan Seaward Show. 

He believes, through the process of self discovery and self mastery, entrepreneurs can change the world whilst creating extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. 

He became fascinated with minimalism. and today i hope we will talk about “reducing all of the excess stuff”  in your life so that you can focus on what you truly love.  he has travelled to over 25 countries and coaches a group of highly motivated ambitious people who want to take their life to the next level. 

to learn more about him:

in this podcast you will hear:

* a discussion about the coronavirus and it’s global reach

* listen to the story of his parents and who he mentor was and the family he grew up in.

* the impact of growing up the way he grew up

* hear the effect of the way we grow up on who we become

* the feelings of loneliness and not knowing how to not be alone

* holding people at bay, but not letting them go

* the favours of loneliness

* the beauty of owning your own experience

* the discovery and power of inner child work

* witnessing

* what he would like to say that he has not said before and why he feels that way

* hear us share with each other what we don’t really say to many others

* how the way we grew up experiencing love is the way we love now even though we want to love differently

* those inflection points where we collide with ourselves

* what suprises him most in the work he does

* hear the story of what he did in liberia and what he saw

* what stops us from loving and accepting each other?

* the closed heart reality????

* why do we carry the stories of our childhood so completely into the life we are living now.

* the power of how quickly southing can happen

* the stories, letting go, and having something completely new

* maybe life doesn’t have to be so hard, maybe everything we want can come to us when we just let go of all the stuff that fills us. it is simple.

* hear about  the moment when nothing for him was going right and  he couldn’t make it right and what he did.

* hear what was the noose around his neck and then what happened.

* the difference between getting and receiving

* the shack and the mansion

* a discussion around minimalism

* become aware of what you are carrying around with you, when you can at anytime set it down

* hear his answer to the question i always ask to end every podcast

*the story of the 7.1 earthquake in australia that he lived through and how fragile the world seemed

* hear about the world he sees and why he wants to hand that over to future generations.

* just stop and breathe and see all the things you are grateful for that have nothing to do with coronavirus/

* from airline pilot to life coach- hear the why? 

the site that he is offering people for free



for his podcast: h – a free training on calming down and creating space for yourself



if you ever need someone to just listen to what you want to say, contact me.

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