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Ep 055 The Recalibration with Filippo Voltaggio

Filippo Voltaggio is Author, Workshop Leader, Host of “The LIFE CHANGES Show,” and Creator / Designer of a transformational jewelry line, PHI Beads™ and runs a program called “The Recalibration” 

Filippo has experienced many “life changes” and has subsequently made a career of supporting others in their life changes. 

Along the way, he has garnered many awards, including two “President’s Call to Service Awards,” a U.S., Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, and the “Master Award” from the Save the World Foundation.

what you will hear on this podcast:

* a discussion on the instantaneous connection that makes life so special

* hear how strong an influence his mother was on him even in a world where woman were overlooked 

* how he saw things that others did not see and how he sometimes gotten punished for it

* the stories here are less important and what the feeling of being an empath showed hm

* the story of the two people yelling

* the sensitivity that we all have as children

* how he saw things and shared it and people told him he could know that and still watching it coming to pass

* hear the conversation around just knowing things we shouldn’t know and shutting it down and the process of opening the door

* the hidden cure of saliva

* what scares you about shutting the door?

* what is the battle that prevents us from really giving voice to the voice that is our voice

* the effect of frustration on guidance

* the beauty of not knowing how we know what comes through us

* the client that got him to share more information with her out of love and not frustration and her feedback

* what allowed him to move from sharing important things with people out of love rather than frustration

* hear about The Recalibration Course

* the story of the famous director and what he said to me after interviewing him after his first show

* the interview that opens people’s heart

* our conversation on story, stories and the belief that you believe the stories you . 

* giving people the space to live their story and tell it until it no longer feels comfortable

* the story of the woman who didn’t want to participate and then broke out of th story to tel a new story

* what most surprises him in the work he does

* the realisation that wanting to be someone else would not allow us to be ourself   

* the lesson of the tomato plant man                                                 

  * how the quality of what we do is so much more important than the many things we do

* the calmative value of many voices informing us

* we do not need to hand over to others what we have been handed

* that beautiful moment where someone you see as one person suddenly becomes more himself

* the story about how the stories we believe can and do change

* the recalibration that happens when we give people the time to change at their own pace

* i misspoke his website at the end of the show. his main website is


To learn more about Filippo please go to:

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