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Ep 054 The Connection Cure with Lisa Daron Grossman

Feb 29, 2020

Lisa Daron Grossman, founder of The Connection Cure, speaker, facilitator, and coach, has made it her life’s work to listen, learn, and engage in conversations around loneliness, connection, and compassion. 

A native New Yorker, she has been living on the road full-time as part of her cross-country human engagement journey, exploring face-to-face connection as a catalyst for healing and wellness. 

For the past three years she has been traveling across the U.S. meeting strangers and listening to stories of loneliness, love, and belonging, challenging people to notice more moments of connection in their daily lives.


What you will hear in the podcast:

* one of my big inspirations. Lisa has done for the few years, something that i am about to embark upon in a couple of months bringing to the world the message of connection

* the importance of human connection

* the highs and lows that live in our passion

* hear why she original thought she went on her journey and what she learned once she was actually out on the road

* does isolation affect our physical wellbeing

* what if we could heal ourself  through human connection

* micro moments of connection

* how a brief genuine moment of connection even with a stranger is an opportunity for healing

* the intimacy she experienced with total strangers

* In To Me See – the new definition

* hw growing up in a home that modelled for her compassion and  freedom and taking risks and how that foundation contribute to a girl who felt so much loneliness.

* the feeling that “I have to do this on my own>”

* the stories we grow up with and the realisation that these are just stories.

* hear her thoughts when for the first time in over two years  she was alone and wondering what to do now that she is alone.

*how to be more aware of the moments that are micro moments

* is every person supposed to be a micro moment?

* the science shows the more we look into the eyes of another person, the more we determine how safe we can feel.

* what does it mean for a micro moment to become a macro moment?

* how she started to want to return to the people she had connected to.

* did the trip help her relieve or even heal her pain?

* what if you go out and when you come back you feel different but the science of it (blood levels, and medical diagnosis) remains the same, does that mean you were successful or does it mean you failed?

* there is a science behind the feeling

* how leading with loneliness brings connection

* what does loneliness want to say to us?

* the difference between the joy of being alone and the loneliness of being alone

* the stories we make up to keep us lonely

* the difference that comes when we stop and stay vs those moments that comes when we are constantly moving

* the 4 steps of connection

* what happens when we allow a lack of distraction to introduce us to being with ourselves

* the forever journey of the connection to self

* what scared her the most being on the road

* does stopping  and staying put scare you?

* on the other side, what excited her most in what she found?

* the amazing things people share when we take the time and just listen.

* listen to the world she sees so that you can know it.


to learn more about Lisa:

Instagram @lisadaron

Facebook: The Connection Cure


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