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Ep 052 You Are A Gift To The World with Darrell Stern

Feb 27, 2020

Darrell Stern is known around the world as the Digital Marketing Jedi.

“You are a gift to the world, and the world needs your gifts.” Mr. Stern proclaims as his marketing agency and marketing academy teaches his philosophy behind profits and influence.

As the voice of Scooter Computer on ABC’s SchoolHouse rock in 1983, Darrell has mastered how computer, the web, and now video media marketing make the world go round.

Engage with Mr. Stern in a Stern Storming session to develop the content you need to create from your own gifts, or join his $7 a month marketing Mastermind group where he does not hold back in teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to master digital marketing.


welcome to the mosaic podcast. on this podcast, you will hear:

What impressed me the most about Darrell was the speed in which he responded to an opportunity. It inspires me when people see something they  want and move quickly to have it.

* a virtual cigar and scotch conversation

* how growing up in a education driven family

* does time heal all hurt?

* we are mammals: we eat, sleep and poop and everything else is just the drama we make up in life. how do you feel about this statement?

  • there are memories we have in life that we remember, even though we don’t remember some other important moments.
  • hear the dramatic story of his birth
  • words have meaning and the ramifications of that for him with his father point of view
  • check out the filler words that protect us from our silence
  • thoughts become our words, or words create our stories, and our stories make up our life
  • how vivid some memories we have are, down to the pictures on the wall and the smell of the room and yet in other situations how much we don’t remember
  • what is common now in families has not always been.
  • how view of the evolution or de-volution of the family
  • the idea of creating theatre and watching the way he performs what he presents rather than just speaking it.
    • what is the motivation behind what you say
    • what are the events in your life that make your life interesting
  • how moments create a life time
  • the difference between the movie ticket and the concession stand
  • creating theatrical production, creating a show on your website, in your social media marketing
  • how people acting so often and so long have forgotten their own voice? 
  • the effect of loneliness and isolation on the lives we live
  • what if the stories we are telling ourselves and each other are not true?
  • hear a sensitive moment where Darrell opens up and talks about personal stuff
    • the professional person and the personal person
    • how his desire for a girlfriend materialised and the story behind it
    • the codependency of the way he was in relationship 
  • a funny moment, where Darrell “exposes” me for the work i do
  • listen to how he explains the public life persona and the private life persona
  • hear how important it was for him to have something that was always denied from him
  • how we spin a web around the stories of our life where we experience pain and how we block out all of the occurrences that happened because we can’t experience that pain.
  • how even the video of our conversation disappears while he is talking abut the pain of his situation
  • hear the importance to him of family and the power of a smile hand gesture
  • hear about the wonder that drives us forward 
  • as you listen to this podcast, what do you believe? do you have the courage to listen to others who hold different points of view?
  • do you love the idea of turning everything you do into a theatrical performance of educating and entertaining on your social media and video and podcasts?
  • do you get so caught up in the person of being who you have to be that you lose the sense of who you actually are? is there any difference?
  • can you listen without judgement and allow the way another person thinks to challenge your belief systems and question some of the things you believe?



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