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Ep 044 The Story Behind The Storyteller with Noah benShea

Dec 12, 2019

Noah benShea is one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet philosophers. He is a Pulitzer Prize nominated, international Best Selling author of 25 books translated into 18 languages.

He was a dean at UCLA at the age of 22 and at 30 a Fellow at several esteemed “think tanks”. He has served as a private advisor to corporate and political leaders

If you look at the testimonials he lists on his page it is a virtual who’s who of people you would love to sit with for even just a moment, but the one that touches me is from a childhood hero of mine Sandy Koufax, a Jewish pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

People told me I reminded them of him, that my book The Mosaic reminded them of his book, Jacob the Baker

I have loved our correspondence and Noah’s brilliance, wit and kindness and it is with pleasure that I welcome him to:

Here is what you will hear in this podcast interview:


  • the humble beginnings to a beautiful life that planted the seeds of greatness in him and the grace of humility
  • the beautiful feeling of how loved he felt growing up with his parents.
  • an interesting view of reincarnation
  • the moment bwtween Christmas and New Years Eve when he was watching the great business guru Peter Drucker on PBS and the question Peter asked that made him feel like he was sitting with a Zen Master
  • what he feels his work truly is
  • his counsel on how to be a source of strength to people
  • when you live on a ball spinning 160,000 miles an hour you will lose your balance sometimes. how do we deal with that?
  • self abusive vs. self accountable
  • if you were to treat every person as the savior it wouldn’t make any difference if they were the savior or not. and the evolution of his character, Jacob the Baker and how the book came to be written.
  • how he started a bakery thinking it would be fun, but it turned out to be much more, it became a big success.
  • play the part not the result and what that means
  • when he told me the story of his book, Jacob the Baker, I realized why people said I reminded them of him. Jacob the Baker could be right out of The Mosaic.
  • what is the magic behind playing the part that brings success as you look at it now in retrospect.
  • the knowledge he received when he was invited to give so many talks was not to carry the bag of his knowledge with him but rather the understanding needed to hear the truth he was to be aware of his deafness, to see the truth to become aware of his blindness to know wisdom to realize his ignorance.
  • the feeling of being blessed and still needing to find his way
  • what does the story behind his story say that he has never been able to say
  • the journey of birth, death and learning
  • the biggest surprise he experienced in his life. hear him explain this.
  • the beauty of real humor and how he loves to laugh
  • what is the one thing he would recommend we do to make this the world we want to give to our children and our children’s children.

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