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Ep 040 The Two Voices In Our Head with Jane Tabachnick

Oct 30, 2019

Jane Tabachnick is an award winning publicity mentor and book publisher. She helps entrepreneurs share their message widely by becoming authors and leveraging PR.

Named one of the top 100 people online by Fast Company, she has been featured in Inc, BusinessInsider and other media, and hosts The PR Authority Minute micropodcast.

On this podcast, you will hear:

  • Sitting in that place where there is no reason to feel what we feel but we feel it anyway. There is a closeness that I felt with her from the moment I met her.
  • How interesting it is to note, between the two of her parents more who criticized her and one who loved her.
  • Pain avoidance or pleasure
  • How the outlook of someone who avoids pain is difference from the outlook of seeking pleasure and what would happen if we changed our perspective?
  • Experiencing the mind blowing image of fireworks that she experiences in the change that could happen?
  • Hear how simple the change is. It is one simple change of perspective.
  • Hear how simple it is to choose that change and a place in her life where she made that change.
  • What is the thing that allows us to move from the place where we continue to do what we have always done to that moment where we walk into the room and feel completely secure?
  • How to confront the “monkey mind” those silly conversations that drive us.
  • An interesting feeling I got that didn’t resonate with Jane and the conversation that followed.
  • Hear about The Mirror Maker.
  • Hear the discussion we have around the critical mind and the accepting mind
  • What writing books with people has shown her that has surprised her.
  • Hear her advice for those people who are worried about getting bad reviews on their book or their life.
  • Everything comes down to the voice that criticizes us and the one that honors us
  • The beautiful moment of pause when you realize you created something that people are reading or listening to.
  • What happens for you when someone doesn’t like what you are doing
  • How every conversation we have is in one way or another is a conversation with our mom or dad. And how to heal that place through writing a book.
  • How the books we write are not the ones we need to teach, but the ones we must need to read.
  • How what Jane sees she needs from the work she is doing is how important it is for her to step out from behind the scenes and into the light.
  • When we move our piece to find where our peace is, we find peace.
  • How important it is to keep evolving and moving to a more accepting self loving place.
  • The shift of consciousness that is called Micro-Podcast.
    • The move from a push way of business to an attract way of business
    • How it came as a result of something else being too much effort
    • A perfect way to share yourself or your business in bite size portions
    • A great way to share your golden nuggets, get your message out there and build an audience
    • It is as easy as speaking into your phone and pushing publish and how Jane will help you in any steps you need help with
    • And how you can repurpose that content in other places as well
  • The beauty of the perceptual change that happens in any change of perception.
  • The one thing Jane recommends that people could do to make the world a better place.


Her contact information:


Here is the place to go to receive her free report on Flash Briefing. They are a fabulous way to get your message out there, and the opportunity is wide open right now.

Here is the link to download the Flash Briefing Report

Jane is also about to launch a 90 day group book writing/publishing program and if you are interested in that please find her on her website.

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