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Conversations with Strangers feat. LaToya Ebony

Conversations with Strangers feat. LaToya Ebony
Originally raised in Upstate New York, LaToya is a NBC Star Project winner for best female actress, an award given at the American Black Film Festival. She has earned a BFA in theater at Buffalo State College, MFA in acting at the University of South Carolina, and worked as an acting intern at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.
In her spare time, she works as a freelance makeup artist and a Youtube video content creator. Her content and bubbly personality has garnered over 2.5 million views.
She made her television premiere on the hit soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and is residing in Los Angeles, CA
but i knew none of this when she came into the zoom room. all i did know is that she and her husband JQ Sirls both signed up for a conversation and when i and just finished a conversation what her husband when she came into the room. i could tell from her energy, she was vivacious and alive and that this was a woman who has energy and knows where she is headed.
turns out she heard about conversations from a friend of hers who came into the room and spoke with me and she recommended that the two of them talk to me. i received them as i do everyone who comes into the room, with an excitement to meet a stranger.
when she came into the room i felt a comfort and wanted to share something about myself when the show first started. there is something comforting about Latoya and the strength that she has inside her that brings comfort.
she told me before we started that the one thing she would say if she knew the world was listening wild be this: Grey areas in life are so much more common than black and white ones. Perspective, experience, and upbringing color human interaction everyday and though we are all unique and may not always agree, empathy goes a very long way toward the goal of living in harmony.
here is what we spoke about:
today being a good day and what makes a good day, a good day? being an introvert with extrovert tendencies
finding time to be with herself and what happens when she doesn’t get it
the beauty of talking a walk
does it really take X amount of time to get to know a stranger
her two layers of things that make her happy
watching people in public places when they think they are private and becoming an actress
why legacy is so important to her and the desire to live beyond herself
the long road of life and knowing what is happening in life right now isn’t it
getting through the hard times;
having something inside her that was special
always feeling that the belief that “this would have never happened without . . .” could that thought be untrue?
do you have to go through pain to find happiness?
the workshop we did in jamaica and the trust exercise
do people listen and why people listen but not hear each other? the challenge is when i am heard what is the right answer?
after we are heard, then what?
for some it is not enough to be heard, some people want once you hear what they said want you to be agreed with them.
being goal oriented,
i get that you hear me, now what are we going to do?
what if their was no longer my way or your way, but a new way, our way?
compromise vs innovation
the need for therapist to help 2 parties see something new, and the excitement of doing something new.
what if the stories we tell ourselves were to change
and a whole lot more . . .
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