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The Divine Breadcrumb Podcast Ep.75 – The Gift Of Connection feat. Daniel Bruce Levin

Episode 75 – The Gift of Connection

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Daniel Bruce Levin

“Carol and Deb are quite simply delightful. Their kindness held the space for me to open up and be myself and share from the depth of my soul. All I can say, is wherever they go, they leave behind breadcrumbs that are filled with love and wisdom and kindness that leaves me longing to eat the whole loaf.”
– Daniel Bruce Levin

Our guest wrote a thought-provoking and heart-warming parable on the subject of connection—one of our favorite topics! We are talking with Daniel Bruce Levin, author of The Mosaic.

Daniel has led an extraordinary life. Daniel’s parents died when he was a kid, 2 years a part on the same day and, not surprisingly, these events had a huge impact on his life.

Early on, Daniel had the chance to work at a billion-dollar company and turned it down to hitchhike around the world. He instinctively knew that happiness and peace would not be found going the standard route.

Later, Daniel says that when he was one day away from becoming an ordained Rabbi in Jerusalem, he left to come back to the United States. He had a bookstore in San Francisco and then spent 10 years in a Monastery.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, he then became the Director of Business Development at Hay House where he grew the business exponentially.

Daniel is somewhat of a modern mystic and has a unique ability to see things from many perspectives. Today we’ll be talking with him about the power of listening, why nothing is as it seems, and of course his book, The Mosaic.

Join us for this special episode!

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