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Conversations with Strangers feat. Brent D. Raymond

Conversations with Strangers feat. Brent D. Raymond
Brent D. Raymond is a good guy. i liked him from the moment i saw him. he is thoughtful, warm, sensitive, in touch with his feelings and openly vulnerable. you don’t often see that in a man
he is a friend of another stranger i had a conversation with Daniel Mangena and so i came in thinking i was already going to like him. it is amazing how even the smallest amount of information makes us feel differently about one person over another, imagine what a recommendation from a mutual friend does to open a door if just being the friend of another stranger in this room, poised me to like him right off the bat. Daniel’s influence only went so far, Brent carried it the rest of the way. easy to like, we had a great conversation.
this is an important conversation for you to listen to, you will want to hear this one.
listen in as we speak about:
being spectacular and then feeling even better
being in awe with life
feeling the energy in the room and what that means
returning to his hometown for the 1st time in 26 years
not knowing, not fearful, having no idea why he’s here
but jumping w/both feet in
5 year gap life
the journey that returned him home
being present in that moment
challenging the brain and softening the thoughts
the trick he uses to stop punishing himself for his past “mistakes”
a reframe challenge on a belief he holds
and the scenario shift that happens
why we believe things are hard when they are actually very easy
loathing self vs loving self
feel the shift that happens when everything changes
hear the ingrained story, i could have done a lot more and the punishment of self for not doing it
listen to how it shifts again, i am the one with the most wasted potential, but now i am ready and the shift to i am starting too.
the “i had” to “i have” moment
what it means to be Brent D. Raymond
who does he need to be now that everything he has done was not a waste of time
reframing the goal
and a whole lot more . . .
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