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I am so happy when I read your social media posts
and look at your pictures,
it brings me such joy to feel your happiness
and to see how well you are doing.

but recently, I was given a grace,
my walls started dropping.
and so now, without walls to hide behind
something counter-intuitive is happening.
I find I am not defending myself as much
and I am loving people more.

and more is entering into my space, lots more.
I am feeling stuff I haven’t felt before.
like a mosaic, one feeling connects to another
and here is where it gets a little weird
the happiness I initially feel for you
becomes a doorway for me to feel more of you.
it connects me to other places in you
places that are not so happy, places where energy is blocked,
and suddenly as I sit with you,
I am sitting not in the happy pictures that you shared
but in the places that long to be loved that you do not share.

i wonder, if this is what it means to be an empath.
I don’t know
what I do know is that I feel you.
I see things and know things I have no right to know.
and when I share the things I see with you,
you are amazed and ask me how I could possibly know that.

I know it because I listen to what you tell me.
not the chitter chatter of your words
but the voice of your soul.
it shares messages with me that it wants you to hear,
and when it does,
I want to share them with you.

I have been testing this with people over the last few years
and I finally feel ok about sharing this with you
I have been waiting for The Mosaic to show me
how to move forward.
i have not wanted to sell anything to anyone
because i am so tired of always being sold too.
so this is not a sale, it is an agreement.

I realize this is one of the things I have come here to do,
to disrupt the lie fo separation and show we are connected.
how better to do that than to share with you
what your soul is telling me to say to you.

I am starting now to offer perceptual sessions.
if you are interested in hearing the whisper of your soul,
contact me to discuss cost and arrange details.
together we decide if and how to proceed.

in loving service to you,



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