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Ep 048 The Magic of Human Connection with Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a magician turned author, speaker, podcast host, and consultant on human connection. 

His TEDx talk How to Magically Connect with Anyone 

has been viewed over 3 million times, and Publishers Weekly said his book Three New People brilliantly outlines a system for deepening relationships.

  • I love how Brian answers a simple question in a deep and interesting way. Listen to find out what that westin and answer is.
  • how does someone who feels separate, still feels completely normal
  • living in completely different parental houses with completely different philosophies and how these different ways of living in the world affected me.
  • authoritarian vs democratic ways of parenting
  • growing up in 2 hoes that were completely different and how that set the tine for my life navigating different perspectives of the same thing and seeing the truth in both of them.
  • connecting through the disruption of 2 equally powerful but different core values
  • the juxtppostioning of being with each parent and anding my balance and my need for stability
  • 15 minutes of difference
  • watching the way 2 different worlds solve problems
  • 2 different perceptions of the same world help me see others perspectives better
  • the facts are the facts.
  • as a magician, you are operating fro a completely different perspective and how you create magic
  • we connect with people because of our differences
  • what brought him to magic?
  • the draw of magic to the scientific mind
  • find out what Brain feels is the beauty and wonder of magic
  • how magic brings wonder on command like nothing else does
  • a conversation on deception vs. a change of perception
  • perceived reality is not reality, it is perceived reality.
  • how he uses magic to get us to a new place
  • when a decision w=someone makes confuses you, what 3 questions can you ask to better understand them?
  • the reconciliation of magic and the world of human connectivity
  • how to use the deception of magic now as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. 
  • are we sick of deception or living in a world of deception all of the time
  • an in depth discussion on deception
  • is the opposite of deception a real, pure connection.
  • what is the core question of magic?
  • defining deception and perception?
  • are we on the precipice of the best time ever?
  • the one thing we can do to move the needle forward to a world we want to give to our children and their children 
  • the 6 word mantra to change the world
  • conversations where we disagree do not have to be arguments



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