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The Mosaic Swarm (A Dollar A Month Club)


We are a civilized nation about to colonize another planet (putting people on Mars) and yet we do not have answers to some of the most basic problems that exist.


Homelessness. Poverty. Hunger. Education. Medical Care. Racism. Equality of Rights. Clean Drinking Water. Human Trafficking. Slavery.

It’s hard to believe these problems exist at all, but to know they exist in virtually every country in the world, is unfathomable. It is time for us to come together, to change what isn’t working and end global suffering.

“We the people” are the first 3 words of the American Constitution, but it has been a very long time since we have functioned as “We the people”. Our world is divided. We have come to a standstill and problems that need to be solved sit unresolved while one side fights the other.


Our mission is:

  • to reconnect a disconnected world; to bring people together by finding similarities rather than differences; to end the deadlock that results from silo thinking and find ways to work together again.
  • bring innovation through the blending of like and unlike minds coming together to share different ways of seeing the same thing. In this convergence, we will find real, viable solutions to  problems that the singular mind cannot solve.
  • to use the existing model of Swarm Intelligence as our technology to determine which projects to work on and which solutions to try and to fund those solutions through the Dollar A Month membership of the people of the swarm.
  • to inspire one billion people world wide to join us in the vision of The Mosaic Swarm Dollar A Month Club.

One Billion Members @ $1 = 1 BILLION DOLLARS a month

Buckminster Fuller once said,

“You cannot solve the problems of the Old Paradigm with the Thinking of the Old Paradigm. To solve those problems, we must create a New Paradigm that makes the Old Paradigm OBSELETE.”


Our mission is to enroll 1 BILLION people into The Dollar A Month Club and to listen to them. We will create rooms, both virtual and physical where people can come together to meet and discuss innovative ideas with people who do not think not them. These places will be where the most brilliant minds in the world come together with the simplest minds of to mine data on what problem should be handled first and how to create solutions.

From there, we will partner with a company called Unanimous AI to use their propriety technology to engage our group into Swarm Intelligence (see Unanimous.AI)


  • To solve problems that should no longer exist
  • To bring decision making back to the people
  • To fund everything we invest in from the Dollar A Month Club (1 Billion members = $1 Billion a month to invest in solutions we find through the use of Swarm Intelligence)
  • To take the risks that are needed to find new solutions, so that even if we go 6 months without finding an answer (spending $6 Billion) each of us would only lose $1 a month or $6.
  • to not have to rely on Government or Charities or investors to finance our solutions, but to use the money generated from The Mosaic Swarm by all of us coming together.
  • To establish a new model that allows for disagreement but focuses on our similarities rather than our differences.
  • To create an alternative to the way of Government and the way of decision making amongst people who disagree.
  • To find ways to think smarter and come together to find solutions rather than continually living in vertical realities, where authoritative leaders tell people what to do.


Who will own The Mosaic Initiative and The Dollar A Month Club?

There will be a team of people who will serve the Mosaic Swarm. They will make salaries and have expenses covered. Everything will be transparent and accounting of finances will be made available to anyone interested. 

No one owns it and everyone owns it. The goal is to use 99% of the money raised to solve the problem we are trying to solve. All of the money except for operating expenses will go to the solutions the Mosaic Swarm suggests.

Who will be the decision maker?

There will be no leader, no board, no decision maker. The Mosaic Swarm will make decisions as to which problems to solve first and how to allocate the resources.

Where will these centers be?

We will start with a virtual room and then over time, grow these rooms to every village, neighborhood, town, and city in the world.  We want to create meeting spaces for innovation, not only to solve the problems of the world but for people to come together with those of unlike mind to innovate solutions for their businesses and their lives.

What is this? Is it a For Profit, a Non-Profit, A Charity? What is the financial model for The Mosaic Initiative?

Currently, the model doesn’t exist. We have to create a new model that will allow us to function in a new way. Anyone interested in helping with this, please contact me:

How do I join?

Because the entity for this does not yet currently exist, we are asking those of you who are interested to fill out this form so that we have your information on file. Once we create the new entity and find a way for it to function, we will contact you.

First Name                                                       Last Name


Street Address


City                              State/Province                      Country


Telephone                                              Mobile


Tell us a little about yourself:





To build 1 Billion members, we need your help and we ask you to share the Mosaic Swarm with everyone you know.


What do I receive?

Your dollar a month will be an essential part of creating a new paradigm, one in which “we the people” come together to create solutions to the biggest unsolvable problems that exist in our society.

You will become part of a worldwide experiment that will use the latest developments in human connectivity and AI technology to reconnect a disconnected world.

Rather than continue to focus on the things we disagree on, together we will use Swarm Intelligence to find new ways to solve problems. By working together in Swarm, we will decide which problems we are ready to tackle and how we will go about creating our solutions.

Your ONE DOLLAR a month along with one BILLION other members will become the treasury we use to fund the solution we as a swarm create. Imagine being a part of this collective intelligence and knowing that you are a part of the solution.

For more information:

Please email:






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