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When I wrote my book, The Mosaic
I sat and meditated, wrote and rewrote
started and restarted,
I felt great about what I wrote and woke up the next morning
only to feel that I didn’t capture the feeling that was given to me.
It seemed to me, that what I wrote, The Mosaic would erase.
What I thought would take 2-3 months to finish, took 3 years.
But then once I finished, I sent it out to people to write reviews;
and so many people wrote beautiful reviews about how the book spoke to them.
Well known and unknown people, wrote how much The Mosaic touched them,
how many tears they shed, and how inspired they felt.
Many people told me The Mosaic reminded them in feeling of  The Alchemist
and my heart sang with joy.
Others told me, they felt a powerful presence just in holding it
and I felt blessed that my intention to infuse The Mosaic with presence had been realised.
And so I thought, once I share this beautiful book
with my friends and the people I know, it will take off; and a movement of kindness will start;
it will help to grow an awareness that what we see is only a very small part of the world that is.
That the time to reconnect divided world is now and The Mosaic,
a simple little story will play a big part in this healing.
That people comparing it to The Alchemist meant that it would launch to millions and be well received.
My heart sang thinking that The Mosaic would walk the way of The Alchemist
and that more and more people would be touched by this magical story.
The Alchemist is one of the best selling books of all time and so i felt extremely blessed to hear
The Mosaic mentioned in the same sentence as The Alchemist.
It was only when I researched the sales of The Alchemist
i found that The Alchemist, one of the best selling books of all time,
in the first year it was published, sold only 2 books.
True story.
And the only reason it sold 2 books, was because the one person who bought it,
lost it and bought it again.
I see the future of The Mosaic
and I know, one day it will reach millions of people
I now also understand the words of one of its character, The Traveller.
The way of growth is organic. Everything in life has a beginning, a middle and an end.
So many of us (myself included big time) want to race to the end, to see the final result
and bypass the time it takes to experience the middle.
Everything takes the time it takes.
Perhaps there are some that become an overnight success, 
but I remember having lunch with my friend, the world renown psychic, Sylvia Browne
and someone came up to her and said,
“It must feel so good to come out of nowhere and be an overnight success.”
Sylvia without missing a beat smiled and answered,
“Yes, isn;’t it amazing, it only took me 40 years to become an overnight success.”
So I sit this morning and marvel at the beautiful ways of the universe.
And I surrender to a wisdom that comes from a place of oneness,
where there is no time, no past, no future, only present.
There is no conversation about how long something takes to happen, and certainly no worry.
There is only the joy of seeing what is.
In this moment, I see differently. I see what i didn’t ever see before.
I am not here for fame and fortune,
nor the admiration of others or the fleeing feeling of success;
I am not here to teach nor even to learn;
I am not here to be fit and healthy, to have pain or no pain;
I am here to love;
to allow the walls of my silo to drop;
to dispel the lie of separation and to experience the beauty of oneness,
not with the beautiful words I speak, but with the complete surrender of my entire being.
Nothing else matters, for there is nothing else.
This is The Mosaic.

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