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Weight Loss, Transition, and Life: An Exquisite Analogy

i had an interesting thought today about my mindset
and if this relates to anyone else, enjoy it,
but i really share it with you so you know more about me.

as many of you know, due to what i thought was a health scare
(turns out i am as healthy as an ox)
i completely changed my diet; i stopped eating:

meat, fish, diary, sugar, gluten and all carbs,
processed food, alcohol,
(i stopped coffee, but started it up again on my doctor advice)

and i am feeling better than i have in a long time.

i need to lose a lot of weight (100 pounds)
over the last few years, i gave up.
i allowed the circumstances of my life to overwhelm me
and put on an extra 60, then 70, then 80 then 100 pounds.

now i am on my own program to lose 100 pounds this year
wow, right? 100 pounds!!!!!!

and i am doing it.
i have been on this program for one month now
and i have lost 14 pounds.
today i will add circadian rhythm to all that i am doing
and . . .
because i have so far to go,
losing 14 pounds in 30 days is barely noticable.
because i want to see results,
i have at times become discouraged because i can’t see the loss of 14 pounds.

and then i think about changes i want to make in my life,
work that i do,
impact i want to have on the world,
and i notice the same tendency
because the goal of what i want is so big
it is hard sometimes to see the progress of the small.

as i ended my meditation today, i heard these words
“trust the process.”
the changes from one stage to the next are barely even noticeable
but if we continue doing the purposeful actions
that are designed to get us to our destination
be it weight loss,
or building a safe place for people to share ideas together
if we follow the program, we will go from picture #1 to picture #8
and the change we want will happen.

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