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Conversations with Strangers feat. Lucie Lynch

Conversations with Strangers feat. Lucie Lynch
Our hope is that The Mosaic will allow us to see differently and bring the world together by showing us that what we share is much more important than what separates us.
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there is an energy about a person that says so much abut who they are. do you feel that too? the minute Lucie Lynch came into the room, she was present. her energy was friendly and ready and i could feel that this was going to be a great conversation.
every conversation is a great conversation in my Conversations with Strangers series, and this one felt like i was talking to someone i had known for years, but i did not know Lucie for years, met her only moments before in the green room.
you will hear multiple times where i invite you the audience to participate by becoming a part of the conversation and there is even a time that i ask you to take out your journal and start to writ your thoughts. this is a beautiful conversation, packed with tidbits that can be applied from the moment you hear them.
we talk about:
being too much
and being not enough
and feeling too much and not enough at the same time;
the brilliance of the mind that traps us into staying small;
being stopped in her tracks by the coronavirus
and how she reinvented herself,
how the desire to lift people up out of their pain is so beautiful
and how it might also be ok to allow them to go through their pain
and find their own way out.
and we talked about trust and the ability to receive.
you do not want to miss this conversation, it is packed and full of love.
i love the note Lucie sent me after our call:
“What a beautiful blessing this was.
Divinely timed and received with my whole heart.
Thank you for creating such a safe space
to show up and be too much and enough at the same time!
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