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Business Outlaws meets the Spiritual Outlaw

I have to say of all the podcasts I have done, this one was by far the most fun. Ana drove me up to their studio in LA and I spoke with Big Mike and Chris for three hours while being taken care of by a bartender  and a Budd-tender. I do not do alcohol or drugs but I decided for this podcast to jump into the space they held for me to see if I could open up some new perspectives. So I smoked and drank tequila (do not try this at home) 

This is part and I can tell you,I felt amazing during the podcast. I was conscious and aware until the moment they said that’s a wrap. and the moment the podcast ended, I was gone. My body would not move, my head was gone and I laid down to recover for about an hour. Again, amazingly enough though I was out, I was still fully aware of the conversation

Thank you Big Mike and Chris Collins and to the rest of your team; you were all so kind and loving and caring, you made me feel so well cared for and allowed me to recover. It felt like something sacred happened, I can’t wait to hear part 2.

They coined a new term for me, a spiritual outlaw. I like it. Ihope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed doing it. I hope it gets you high !!!!!!!!!! Big love to all.

How do you unlock your happiness? Join us for this weeks episode with Daniel Levin, 10-year former monk, successful entrepreneur and author of “The Mosaic” as he speaks about the forces that can guide you throughout life.⁣
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