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Accelerate Your Mojo Podcast with Allison Sutter feat. Daniel Bruce Levin

Accelerate Your Mojo Podcast

The Art of Listening with Special Guest Daniel Levin

i was sitting in my chair thinking about life when an email came in to me. the email was from Allison Sutter, a person i had never heard of before,  and so it intrigued me to read the kind words she wrote first once and then again. she told me that while gathering information on a certain person, she choose to listen to this person’s podcast and the episode was one where i was the guest. what she said then truly amazed me and intrigued me; for she realized that she was no longer listening to the woman she was there to listen to, but that she was enthralled by me, the stories i told and more than that the vibration that was coming through me. and she asked me if i would be a guest on her podcast, a podcast up until this point had no guests.

it took me all of about 1 second to say it would be my honor to be on your show.

i loved meeting Allison and i loved the loved i felt from her and i encourage you to have a listen to this time we spent together. i this you will enjoy the Mosaic’ing of our own being. please share with me your thoughts as i so want to get to know you more.


What does it feel like when someone truly listens, and receives, you with their unconditional self?

Your entire body relaxes and your cares drip away. It’s the unicorn variety of listening where you know in your heart the person doesn’t need a list of accomplishments in order to view you as ‘worthy of their time’.

If you haven’t experienced being listened to in this way before, imagine it for just a moment.

What would that FEEL like for you in your body?

When I first heard Daniel speak, I found myself listening in a way I don’t usually. I leaned in closer (to the computer screen). I didn’t think about what I would say in response or even whether I agreed or disagreed with what he was saying. None of that seemed to matter at that moment in time while I was listening.

I simply followed the melodic cadence of this voice. There’s a catharsis of the art of listening. I was transported to a realm where love and hate were one and the same and wholeness was the flavor of the century.

Authentic, unconditionally, listening truly is an art form; we all could use some practice.

Before you read these show notes, I ask you to listen to the podcast first with a focus on expanding your awareness of how you feel. How does the energy feel in your body when you drop all pretenses and just listen?

What happens inside when you move out of your mental space and into your energy body?

Both Daniel and I would love to know what came up for you when you listened to this podcast. Leave us a comment. We will listen, unconditionally.

Daniel walked away from the opportunity to run a multi-billion dollar company to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace, studied 5 years in a seminary, and left 1 day before being ordained. He’s also lived as a monk in a monastery for 10 years. Daniel led the growth of hay house from 3 million a year in sales to 100 million a year in sales. He is a rare blend of businessman and mystic who loves to share the gift of connection and the power of listening with all of you.


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i hope you love it as much as i loved being on her show.

thank you Allison Sutter!!!!!!!

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