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THERE ARE MOMENTS IN TIME where portals open and we are given an opportunity to walk through to the experience of a completely new reality. For me, one of those moments is happening right now.

With the convergence of Passover, Easter, the Full Pink (not really pink) Moon and Earth Day some amazing energies are happening all within the same few day. This is a very powerful moment.

Easter is perhaps the holiest day in the Christian calendar. We celebrate Christmas with more fervor, but in terms of everything Christianity stands for, it is the Crucifixion and The Resurrection that makes Christianity what it is today.

So now imagine, being resurrected from all of the trials and tribulations that we experience in our lives.  Imagine, surrendering to the one who Christianity believes has died for our sins, and imagine the liberation that comes when we elevate from this world into a parallel reality where death and sin no longer have power over us.

And then with a change of perspective, we have Passover. Where the Jews are asked to slay the sacred animal of the rulers of the world, the Egyptians and spread the blood of this sacred animal onto the rooftops and doorposts of their homes. Imagine the trust the Jews had to have in their creator to do this act of defiance in the face of their oppressors, for surely if this was not an act of God, they would have been tortured or slain for their defiance, but rather in doing so, the Angel of Death passed over ever house painted with the blood of the lamb and took only the first born child of houses not painted.

Imagine, the slaves of the oppressor rising up to leave the land of their slavery and journey off to the land of their liberation. Imagine the courage it takes to come to the Red Sea and to stand before it and ask it to part, so that they could flee their oppressors who were in hasty pursuit. Imagine the sea parting and the Jewish people walking through and then it closing to drown the oppressors in its waters. Do you have that faith today?

Imagine the faith the people had in both of these moments. The liberation of Jesus and all who believe in him from the sins of mankind and the death of man, and imagine the liberation of a people chosen by God from the oppression they endure at the hands of those who tried to suppress them.

And now, add to that, a full moon and not just any full moon, the pink full moon. This particular Pink Moon takes place in the zodiac sign Libra, which is known for its power of harmony, beauty, and partnership. This full moon will be about how you balance your devotion to yourself with your devotion to everything else in your life.

And then add in a few days later, Earth Day. It is almost like the world is saying to us, the holiest of moments are also the most ordinary of moments. Take care of the earth, do not abandon it in the pompousness of your ways.

All of these holiday have opened a portal for us to walk through, but if we remain where we are, there will remain just days on a calendar. But if we surrender to the power of the opening, we have no idea what is possible. See what you cannot see.

I invite you to find out.

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