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Conversations with Strangers feat. Dawn Wallace

Conversations with Strangers feat. Dawn Wallace
the times i love the room the most are when i am most surprised by the stranger that enters. knowing nothing about someone makes it a little hard to be surprised, but today i was surprised by Dawn Wallace.
i think what love about her is that she isn’t contained by the boxes society makes. she is someone who loves nature and is very in touch with it, left the work place to be a stay at home mom, cooks meals for her husband and kids and cleans the house, homeschools her kids, (she is expecting her third child in november) and wants to start growing her own vegetables and raise her own goats and chickens so that they are not dependent on outside sources for food.
and she sees herself as a conservative wanting less government interference in her life, the right to carry arms, she has a very well defined idea of the rule of the woman in the family, and the desire to live simply.
and she is a mother and army wife with a degree in Cultural Anthropology who spent most of her career as a journalist. Now she’s pursuing her dream as a homesteader and homeschooling her children in North Carolina. Dawn dabbles in art and spiritual practices, loves to be outdoors and is an amateur hobby naturalist. she has a podcast called The Psyche-Delic Podcast where as the resident shaman of the show brings a unique, esoteric flavor to the podcast team.
we had a great conversation. do you see why you are gonna wanna listen to this conversation
we spoke about:
the woman role in the family
the law of attraction
the right to bear arms
why people get anxious
and a whole lot more
i think you will enjoy listening to this conversation. please let me know what you think,
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