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Conversations with Strangers feat. Patrick Ratchford

Conversations with Strangers feat. Patrick Ratchford
Patrick is a kind and gentle man, everything about him shows this, from the tone of his voice to the work he does, to the way he answers questions. i knew nothing about Patrick before he came into the room, but the moment i met him i knew i was going to like him. people have an energy field and you can always tell the ones who practice some sort of practice, because their energy is instantly welcoming.
and as nice as the conversation was, and it was nice, it stayed a little impersonal. it was about teaching in a very subtle way rather than sharing from the innermost core of who he is. i mean, we just met each other, so their was no assumption that it should be one way or another, but in seeing him i saw myself some year ago,
i remember a moment when i would say hi to this woman i saw on the street ever single day and she would say hi back. two weeks into this small exchange, the woman pulled me aside and said i am really upset with you. i was shocked and asked her why. and she told me that she expected the conversation to progress, that she felt something from me that was more than just hello. i don’t think i understood that conversation until today.
everything about Patrick was open and giving but i could get feel him. and then i told a story about my own vulnerability and immediately he responded by being vulnerable too. it was beautiful shift in the conversation.
i look forward to you experiencing this shift and to also experience Patrick, he is a good man.
we spoke about:
why people are scared
the beauty that we feel underneath the shallow
the pursuit of happiness
knowing that what we want wants us 1000 times more
and a whole lot more
i think you will enjoy listening to this conversation. please let me know what you think,
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