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Conversations with Strangers feat. Cellin Gluck

Conversations with Strangers feat. Cellin Gluck
THIS SHOW IS SPONSORED BY THE MOSAIC. Our hope is that this book will allow us to see each other differently and bring us together by showing us that we share much more in common than the things that separate us.  to learn more go to: or to buy the book please go to amazon:
i knew nothing about Cellin except that we went to the same college. Founded in 1963, Pitzer College is a top-ranked liberal arts and sciences college. The College emphasizes environmental and interdisciplinary studies, the arts, humanities and social, behavioral and natural sciences. With approximately 1,000 students, Pitzer College is part of The Claremont Colleges – a unique consortium of five undergraduate colleges and two graduate institutions. The contiguous campuses share numerous programs and facilities. At Pitzer, students have access to all the resources of a major university while enjoying all the benefits of a liberal arts college experience and its personalized approach to education.
but we didn’t know each other at Pitzer either. Cellin took only 2 classes there while taking the rest of his course load at the consortium of the other colleges in the Claremont College family. i, too, took only a couple of classes at Pitzer, choosing instead to take advantage of the freedom they gave us to create our own curriculum. having taken all the courses i need to get my undergraduate degree i dropped out after two years and on my 18th birthday, put my thumb out and hitchhiked around the world.
Cellin entered into the world of film, becoming an associate director and then the executive director of a series of films.
hear our talk about Pitzer, about being born in japan but never being considered japanese, our conversation on the corona virus and being forced into quarantine the moment he entered canada, and a whole lot more. we did not agree on everything, but this felt like 2 college guys sitting together with a nice glass of scotch having a conversation. i hope you love being a fly on the wall and hearing what we say.
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