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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with AC Fischer

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with AC Fischer

i was having one of those mornings, where nothing was going right. i don’t have them very often, but in fact everything was going wrong and i had a full day of interviews and a couple of deadlines i needed to meet. and you don’t know this about me but i hate being late. but there was no way i was going to make my start time with AC and so i emailed him and said i was so sorry, but i was running 10 minutes late. his response comforted me.

imagine my surprise when i got on the zoom call, thanked AC for his comforting presence only to find him telling me how anxious he was that morning and how much stress he was experiencing. we never know what a person is going through and so it is so important to hold the space for them to be comfortable with themselves with us. please listen to how this call transpired and what made it so that we entered the call in one space and left the call in completely another. i love watching how strangers become friends.

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