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DO YOU TRULY LISTEN?  We all would like to think we are very good at listening to others.  Most of the time, myself included, we tend to listen to response instead of just listening.  When we listen to respond we are already thinking about what we will say once the person finishes talking.  This does not allow us to truly listen to what they are saying through their words, tones, and body language. We miss out on a lot of information when we are busy thinking about ourselves and our responses.  This also happens in our own lives when we don’t truly listen to what is going on around us.  We need to learn to listen to ourselves just as much as to others.  Once we improve this ability doors will be opened to us to improve our lives and the lives we touch.  In Episode 10 of Pencil Leadership we talk to Daniel Levin who has been a monk, mystic and author who will explain and guide us through truly listening.

So if you’re ready; take out your pencils and let’s begin!

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