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50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Rebecca Noskeau

50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Rebecca Noskeau

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this was such an interesting conversation, because for no reason other than whatever reason there is, i felt rebecca before i spoke to her. there was an excitement and a nervousness in her and i felt all of that and knew we would have a great conversation. and we did.

i entered the room a little agitated having not slept well the night before. i had watched the democratic national virtual convention and listen to Michelle Obama speak. i was moved by her talk and wanted to get a sense of how others felt, so i just posted a post in a couple fo groups saying simply, Michelle Obama’s talk. your thoughts. my message lit up and the vile of some them really made me uneasy. i am an empath, i feel people and this vile was too much, i wasn’t prepared for it.

on top of that, the questions i ask to keep the conversations in line for use a movie were suddenly gone from my computer, so we skipped those questions and just had a beautiful conversation.

what saw was a huge transformational moment, actually a few of them. i wonder what you will see when you watch this episode. please let me know what you experience.

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