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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Trina Wyatt

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Trina Wyatt

i was having one of those days, i don’t have them often, but when i do, i have to laugh as i have no idea why i have an appointment on my calendar and what is going to happen in the conversation. i am normally way more intentional. but today, i had no idea why i was having this conversation with trina and it took us a few minutes in the green room to figure out what was going on. to be completely transparent, trina was not a complete stranger. i had spoken to her once before and i love what this woman is doing.

to find out more about who she is, just read her bio below. wow! but in this moment, it was as if a veil had been cast over me and i forgot why we were talking and we just started to have a conversation. i think you will love hearing what we said, i sure did.

when i asked what she would like to say to the world, here is what she said: “We are all interconnected by an unseen energy, consciousness, that is love and kindness.”

here is a little bit more about trina wyatt: With the belief that visual stories have the power to transform society, Trina launched Conscious Good, a community-driven media platform committed to elevating consciousness. Conscious Good envisions a world where every human being feels connected to themselves, to each other and to something greater. To fulfill on this vision, Conscious Good is raising awareness on the impact what we watch has on our wellbeing, increasing access to conscious media through its streaming platform, CGood TV, and supporting visual storytellers and their work through its Creators Network and non-profit sister organization.

One of Trina’s most notable career achievements was launching the Tribeca Film Festival for Robert De Niro and taking the reigns as its first Festival Director. Trina has also held leadership positions with entertainment companies such as Gaia, Prana Studios, Intrepid Pictures, Withoutabox (sold to Amazon), Film Independent, Turner Pictures and Carolco Pictures.

Considered a leader in the conscious media movement, Trina has spoken at numerous national events on the topic of media/entertainment and its impact. Trina received her MBA from NYU and her BA from UCLA. Trina is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher and was recently honored to join the group, Evolutionary Leaders.

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