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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Ruth Mark-Rowland

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Ruth Mark-Rowland

look, sometimes things go differently than you assume they will. and the beautiful thing is, when they do, there is a reason they do and the conversation is incredible. i met ruth through claudia, someone who was a stranger a few days ago. claudia come into the magic zoom room and instantly we felt this incredible connection, and true to form in even just the briefest moments on texting each other to arrange this conversation, i felt like i had known ruth for 1000 years.

she felt so close to me that i said to her that i cannot have anymore conversations until we have our official stranger conversation because being an empath, i felt too much and wanted to be able come into the room with her as a stranger.

ruth is a psychotherapist and shared with me how different it was for her to be the one answering questions, as in her work she is the one asking the questions. what came through this conversation was powerful and deep and beautiful and confusing and . . . well i think you are going to have to listen to it to understand what i am saying. i loved this conversation and think you will too.

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