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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen

one of the things i learned while studying to be a rabbi was this simple but powerful statement of truth. the Talmud teaches that there are 3 ways to know a person. the way they are when they are angry, the way the are when they are drink and the way they spend money. if this is the case, Reb Dovid is a very good man. he had every reason to be angry with me. it was one of those days where everything computer related didn’t work, Reb Dovid had given me his time and energy to record a fabulous conversation, only for me to find that the recording turned itself off and i was left with nothing to share with you.

he could have easily gotten mad, but he didn’t’t even spend a moment of his time there, but rather rebooked to have another conversation, saying only, “i don’t know we will be able to capture the spontaneity and feeling of the lost first call.” i answered “of course we will.” and i believe we did that and better.

there is a lot i could say about this conversation. i could tell you that it transported me back to a time in my life when i had conversation like this everyday for five years and how much i enjoyed being challenged mentally and spiritually, but that would be my experience and i would prefer you to have you very own experience of this powerful conversation.

because we already had the conversation i have with other strangers, i decided not to go back there, but rather to forge a new direction in this conversation. i hope you like it.

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