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50 conversations with 50 Strangers with Matt Teck

50 conversations with 50 Strangers with Matt Teck

this was one of the conversations on paper that was never supposed to happen. i replied to a post on a podcast guest page the matt had posted saying something to the effect of, “i am a christian and i would like to interview guest that have different belief systems and have a respectful argument together.”

i thought this would be fun, having been one day away from being ordained a rabbi and having been a minute in a yoga community who believed in christ, bt not as the church believes in him, but never heard back.

sometime later matt contacted me and said he had heard 50 conversations and would like to have a conversation with me. i, of course said yes, becausee everyone is welcome into the conversation. you have to hear for yourself what followed. i guarantee you, you will be interested in this conversation. please let me know . . .

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