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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Linda (TheFitty)

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Linda (TheFitty)

from the moment, someone who was a stranger in this room asked me if she could share the opportunity to have a conversation in this room with a friend of her, i immediately looked forward to this call. i knew nothing about this person except that she was being sent by a stranger who was becoming a friend, and the empath in me has a really good feeling about what might happen in the conversation. but my initial feeling was that this might not be the time to have this conversation. and yet i felt such a sweet and kind energy from this person called Linda that i said lets just do it.

but once again, my old friend, a saying i loved from the jewish people “Man plans and God Laughs.” showed himself to me again. everything about this conversation was hard. it was hard to find a time to connect, as 2 appointments were set up and then had to be rescheduled. sometime when things are too hard, to me it just means this is not the time for it to happen and so i wrote linda saying as much. i was taken by her response, it was kind and understanding and she expressed that she felt drawn to have this conversation and promised to schedule a time that she would be able to be there for..

it was a great sign that when i entered the room 15 minutes early to get things set up, i saw linda enter a moment later. and yet something was wrong. her sound wasn’t working and then when it did, the sound was not clear. much of our conversation is jumbled and still i wanted to publish it because of what the whole of this process illustrated to me about me.

linda was the one it was happening to, but a friend of mine once told me, see everything in life, the things that happen and the people you meet as simply:

me talking to me about me.

so this had nothing to do with linda and if in this she get something too fabulous. but here is what i saw . . . . so many times i make something so easy so much harder than it needed to be.

how about you, do you sometimes do that too. try your best to listen to this conversation, fight the temptation to turn it off and let the process of this conversation lift from you all that complicates that which is simple. thank you linda for being the one who helps us all see this.

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