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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Aseem Giri

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Aseem Giri

there are people that enter my life and from the moment i meet them i feel like i know them; i feel instantly close to them and the more i speak with them, the more i want to speak with them. Aseem Giri is one of those people for me. we were introduced by Didi Wong. She was a guest on my The Mosaic Podcast. on the surface, we appeared very different. he was a successful financial person, becoming a partner in a well known venture capital company and then leaving to start and grow his own venture capital investment company; i knew nothing abut money. he is an indian born in the UK; i am a jew born in America. He is brilliant and graduated from University of Pennsylvania; i dropped out of college.

little on the outside would bind us together but as Aseem says when i ask him what he would like to say to the world, he writes “”Discrimination begins with anonymity. Don’t see a fellow human for their race, religion, creed or orientation. See them as the mother/father, daughter/son, sister/brother that they are. Those are the only labels with which we can all identify.”

this is a warm and gentle man who i have completely enjoyed getting to know. i know you will feel the same. i can tell you more about him, but why not listen for yourself and feel what you feel.

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