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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Aparna Sain

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Aparna Sain

you know a conversation is going to go well when within the first 3 sentences a person says 3 or 4 things that could have come right out of your mouth. i am continually amazed how connected we all are, i keep thinking the people i am drawing are people similar to me and that it’s not a really a representation of a real world demographic.

so i am asking anyone who reads this and/or listens to this conversation to invite people into the conversation room with me who see and think differently.  i want to know if we share something similar with everyone, even people we think we have nothing in common with.

having never meet, spoken to, written or even known that aparna existed before, i felt incredibly connected to her within moments. our lineage is from different countries, she is a woman and i am a man, she lives in the NE and i live in the SW. our conversation started out very professional but then something happened; there are times when things happen in the room and everyone notices it.

it doesn’t happen because one person is trying to change another person, it doesn’t even happen because of something that has been said, it just happens because both people are really present with each other, and in that presence both people somehow change. i invite you to listen to our conversation and see what you think.

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Aparna bring 17+ years of Professional experience, Presidential Fellow and Silicon Valley Executive along with her lifetime of Yogi training to create Mental Health, Resilience and a “Human” approach @WORK!

Aparna is a Consultant & Coach bringing all aspects of her experience to serve Companies small and large in creating Mental and Emotional Wellness to increase Potential and Social Impact! Her professional Expertise is on Business Development, Enterprise Sales and Partnerships. She has won the President’s Club Achievement Awards many times in her career.

Highlights –

Founder of ConsciousNationRadio, Media Company –

Appointed Fellow on President Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) @US Department of State. – Keynote Speaker at the Presidential Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia –

Build the 1st EIT Digital Accelerator in Silicon Valley (funded European Commission) –

Led Gartner Invest – The Venture Capital Business in Silicon Valley (5 years) –

Advised/Coached nearly 70 Startup CEOs globally –

Winner of Excellence in Sales – Presidential Club Gartner (4 years in a row) –

Trained by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute – Google’s Mindfulness Program –

Certified Design Thinking & Lean Startup (Stanford) –

Coaches Training Institute(CTI), Executive Coach –

Founder of YogawithAparna – Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga

My Recent Adventures include… * Associate Professor Montgomery College – Entrepreneurship and Finance * Keynote Speaker for American Association of Medical Professionals * Speaker and Teacher at US Capital * Speaker Women (speaker Women 2.0) • Keynote Speaker at Global Technology 1000 Conference in Washington, DC Personal Interests…. Certified Yoga and Meditation (Ryt-500) teaching EPA, US Senate, US State, ONLINE! ➢ Author – The Right Mr. Right(Amazon Published 2013)

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