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THRIVE with Heather Poduska

Thrive Episode #91 –

“The Power Of Connection” with Daniel Levin

Daniel Levin walked away from an opportunity to start from the bottom and work his way up to the top to run a billion-dollar business to hitchhike around the world, to find happiness and inner peace.
He’s studied in a seminary five years and left one day before becoming a rabbi and lived as a monk in a monastery for 10 years.
As Director of Business Development, he helped to grow Hay House from $3M dollars to $100M dollars in revenue.
He is the author of the book, The Mosaic, a beautiful story that touches the heart and soothes the soul. It’s a book that helps to see what we do not see, as such much of its magic exist between the spaces between the words. Daniel is a rare blend of businessman and mystic who sees what others do not see.
In this episode, we talk about:
08:00 – How did Daniel go from hitchhiking around the world to becoming the Director of Business Development for Hay House?
09:40 – What should people do who think money is hard to come by?
13:30 – How do you find your life purpose if you don’t know where to start?
15:25 – Can your purpose change throughout your life, or is it just one thing?
17:30 – What is our responsibility in trying to find our purpose?
19:00 – What has Daniel learned about the power of listening?
21:00 – How can we stay more deeply connected to each other as the world gets more technological?
23:50 – What helped Daniel become a more open and vulnerable person?
25:00 – How can you start to make meaning out of the pain in your life?
32:00 – What is swarm theory and how can we harness its power?
35:00 – How can you create new thinking from an old paradigm?
37:30 – How do you shift and start a new paradigm without crisis?
50:00 – What is our most important job?
51:30 – Why isn’t connection alone enough to change the world for the better?
56:00 – Why do we sometimes mistake fear as the root cause of feeling stuck?
59:00 – What does it mean for Daniel to Thrive?
To find out more about Daniel and his book, The Mosaic, click here=>

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