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In my book, The Mosaic
the story line is really about seeing what we do not see.
it’s story has the protagonist Mo
meeting all different types of people, ordinary people
and he wonders why he is meeting these people
on his search to find heaven.
but he thinks since he is there with them
he might as well take the time to listen to their stories
it is only when he takes the time to listen,
that he sees the person he now sees
is completely different than the one he saw only moments previously.

in a book whose message is to see what you don’t see,
it is only fitting that it too would not reveal everything,
but would only hint at things to be discovered over time
as you sit with its words and allow them to enter you

now i understand why The Mosaic took so long to write
and why it would erase what i had written time and time again
until i was able to get out of the way
and write only what it wanted to say.

this book has magic within it
if and when you read it, become aware of the space between it words and listen to what it wants to tell you.
along with the charming story
that will touch your heart and soothe your soul, you will hear another story that will transform you.

you can order signed copy of the book here or pick up a copy onĀ
search for: The Mosaic Daniel Levin
i hope you enjoy the story of my heart.
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