You are important! Every piece that makes up the mosaic is important. You have a reason for being here and no matter how big or small it is, or how shiny or dull you think you are, you have something that makes The Mosaic beautiful.

This is the step in the Mosaic Process where we understand what we have come to do and do it. Where companies put all the pieces of their mosaic together, unite their employees and build cultures by aligning their purpose with the purpose of each member of the team.

The purpose practice is the unifier in every connection; be it in the members of a family, the c-suite of a corporation or in the cabinet of a government ministry.

The question that guides the third practice of connection is this: What is our purpose in creating this connection?

The practice of DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO is to find space, to retreat from what you always do, sit in the quiet and look beneath the surface to understand if the connection you have made bring you closer or take you further away from what it is you are here to do.

It is time to talk less and listen more. Look for purpose in all things. Is there a meaning for the things that are happening and the people with whom you are connecting?