This is the part of the process when WE CONNECT.  Where all the pieces become ONE PIECE of art.  When kind, vulnerable, purposeful people connect, a new type of Mosaic ONE of Connected Intelligence is created, where together, we find solutions that were impossible to discover on our own.

This Mosaic is far more than the sum of its parts.  It is a completely new way of thinking where you and I disappear and WE becomes the new reality.  There is that moment of pure excitement when WE experience the joy and power of what is possible together.

WE see a different world.  WE are crazy enough to believe that WE can change the world, and do.  WE are the early innovators.  The ones that look the old paradigm in the face – not through the lens of old paradigm thinking,but through the new lens of Connected Intelligence.  WE are the ones who develop a new way of thinking and usher in a new paradigm that makes the old paradigm obsolete.

The question that guides the fourth practice of connection is this: What would you see if you could see what you can’t see?  The practice of BUILD YOUR MOSAIC is the execution of PEACE BY PIECE, where putting all of the pieces together, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.