On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being completely openand 1 being completely guarded, how vulnerable are you?  The dictionary defines vulnerability as: the quality or state of beingexposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed either physically or emotionally.  With thisdefinition, why would anyone want to be vulnerable?

And yet, there are those who think, when we shut down vulnerability, we shut down opportunity.

Lets for a minute, look at the cycle of life.  We come into life as babies, completely vulnerable, and in the majority ofcases (yes, I understand there are some abuses but in general) we are completely taken care of, we are fed when we are hungry, cleaned when we soil, and loved and kept safe.

At a certain age,we decide it is time to grow up and be independent and in many cases, we now struggle to get what was once ourseffortlessly.  We work to to feed ourselves and our family andto buy the things we need; we hide from others that which we soiland often we feel alone and unloved in thisindependent world we created.

And over time,as we grow old once again we becomeunable to care for ourselves,and (in most cases) the world steps in and we are cared for again.  We are fedwhen we are hungry, cleaned when we soil and loved and kept safe.

What if we were never meant to be independent. What if we were never meant to fight one another but rather take care of each other? What if we didn’t have to fight to get what we wanted, but understood that the world around us would give us everything we need. How would this one thought change the way we interact in the world both personally and professionally?