While the big message of The Mosaic is to “see what you don’t see”, for a brief moment, in the chapter called The Mirror Maker, the focus changes to ask,When you look in the mirror, what DO you see?

Most of us do not see ourselves. We either see the stories we have created or the walls we have built to protect us from the pain we have experienced. We have been hurt so many times that we forget who we are and start to believe our own stories and we become even harder on ourselves, bringing the walls that protect us closer and closer to now block our own attack on ourselves.

But we are not our stories nor our walls. We are the beautiful sensitives

That is why the first practice of The Mosaic Method is to Be Kind To Yourself. We have developed a simple easy to use strategy that will help you become more aware of how hard you are on yourself, and help you focus on how easy it is to BeKind2U.  This will allow you to take down the walls that protect you.