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Do you have a little voice inside your head that says this…

“I’m afraid to be myself and show him who I really am!”

Because of the deep fear he may not like you once he gets to know you?

This always makes me so sad to hear because at this point in your life…why can’t you be comfortable being your true authentic self?!

Why do you have to pretend to be something you’re not, in order for a man to like you?

The truth is, when you put up a front in being something other than yourself…you will always have a fear of letting a man in, to get to know the REAL AUTHENTIC YOU!

When we are born into this world…we are our true authentic self.

We are open, vulnerable and fearless.

We only develop fear after we’ve been physically or emotionally hurt.

And if you bury the pain, instead of healing from it…you will start to build a fortress of walls around you to protect yourself from ever getting hurt again.

But the walls you’ve built up…are the walls that are keeping you from the very thing you want and desire in your life…a loving healthy relationship!

And over time, you will “paint” the walls with what you believe a man wants to see in you…but in reality, that’s not your true authentic self.

And if that’s not who you truly are, then how can a man love you, for YOU?!

Aren’t you tired of pretending to be something you’re not?

So, what would it take for you to let down your walls, so a man could get to know the real authentic you?

If you want to be loved and accepted, then you need to let down the walls…because you can’t have a real connection with a man when you have these walls up.

If you want to find out how to let down your walls and find a healthy loving relationship, Daniel Bruce Levin, Author of “The Mosaic” is sharing with you how to do just that in his amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Let Your Walls Down & Be Yourself”

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