Do What You Came to Do

Once you become vulnerable, and everything enters you, it is more important than ever that you live purposefully. To Do What You Have Come To Do, you must allow yourself not to become distracted by all that comes to you. You must become like the hungry baby that cries and cries only for the breast and is not comforted by the pacifier. For if the pacifier comforts you, you wil never be given the breast. If you allow yourself to become satisfied, you will not ever live your purpose.

You are vitally important. You have a reason for being here and no matter how big or small it is, or how shiny or dull you think you are, no one through out all of time has ever done what you are going to do in this lifetime.  If they had, you would have no reason to be created.  And know this as well, from now until the end of time, no one will ever be created to do what you have done in these days. That is how important it is that you do what you came to do.

Once you choose your destination, everything gets easier. You know where you are going.  The Destination Practice is the unifier in every connection; be it in the c-suite of a corporation,  in the cabinet of a government ministry, in the hiring practices of a company, or in the uniting of a family.The practice of DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO is purposeful action. Discern wisely what furthers your purpose and then choose only those pieces that take you there.