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For some reason, you lost yourself.
You got preoccupied with all of the noise around you
and stopped listening to the quiet voice within;

In your desire to prove to the world how successful you are, you lost the very thing that made you successful,
and now you have forgotten where to look
and the world has covered up your answers.

I hear you.
Not the chitter chatter of your words
but the longing of your soul.
Lets have a conversation
and I will share with you what your soul is saying to me.
If it makes sense, we’ll keep talking.
If not, do not keep it for even a second,
throw it into the trash.

To set up a conversation, go to: https://calendly.com/mosaicdanny/60min?month=2019-07


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these 4 words have the potential to change my life.
i have heard them many times before
and always thought they were simple and sweet
but today as i sat in meditation, they entered me
like they have never done before.
i have not been kind to the people closest to me
to the ones i love most deeply
to the ones who have the greatest capacity to love me
and hurt me.
i think of myself as a spiritual man,
and most of the time, i am happy
by the way i show up in the world.
BUT (not and 🙂 . . . .
all to often, my practice of kindness is not in sync
with who i think i am.
so often, i act from a wounded place
a place of feeling hurt . . .
by how hard i am on myself,
by the pain i feel when i others i love hurt me
and by the fear that if i am vulnerable, i will get hurt more.
quite simply the pain of being vulnerable,
(and the hurt that could happen
whether real, empathic, or imagined)
becomes my reason to protect myself
behind the walls of my silo.
the more i remain there
the stronger my desire to protect myself
and defend myself becomes.
and from that place of hurt
that place where love and kindness is most needed,
there is not the vulnerability to be open
to allow love and kindness in.
what exists is fight or flight.
in my silo, i close myself off,
the walls of my silo protect me and create distance
and kindness is replaced by fear.
that is why when i meditated on these words this morning
they entered me so deeply.
i smiled because it may be simple, but it is NOT easy.
and yet, easy or not, kindness is the cure.
kindness melts the wall.
when i am kind to myself, i don’t try to knock myself down,
i no longer hit myself
and no longer need to protect myself from my own attacks,
because i don’t do that anymore.
my wall melts.
kindness is the cure.
if we were all to practice kindness to each other
i believe our world would change
our relationships, our politics, our government,
our relationship to our planet.
i know the practice of kindness would change me.
and so today i recommit myself to this practice.
who else feels drawn to join me?

Why you think people like to poke holes in things before they understand them?

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I always loved healthy debate
and growing up my mom was sure that i would be a lawyer
because i would argue both sides of any issue with passion.

i think all my life, i just wanted to be right
insecurity? an intuitive sense of knowing? ego?
probably all of the above.
to this day, i am not rid of this tendency
ask my wife, she will tell you
slowly, very slowly, i am not needing to be right as much

and yet, i am looking at this tendency with fresh eyes
now that i am building something so big, it scares me;

i definitely want people to point out to me
the flaw in what I present,
so that i can adapt it and make it work better
and yet,
I always remember the story of Henry Ford.
Before hiring someone he would take them to lunch
and order them a soup
if they salted the soup before they tasted it,
he would never hire them.
He wanted people who understood what he was doing first
before trying to change anything.

Does this make sense to you?
Please let me know why you think people
like to poke holes in things before they understand them?
How about you?


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the completed version of things,
i don’t know the process that gets me there.
i somehow just see it.

it almost got me expelled from elementary school.

in the fourth grade, our class was given a complex math test.
i finished the test way before anyone else
and i took my completed test to the teacher.

she walked me directly to the principal’s office
and told me
“you know we have a zero tolerance policy here for cheating.
you have no work done on these questions
and only give me the answers.
i don’t like doing this, but you leave me no choice,
i have to expelled you from school.”

“But i did not cheat.” i replied.
as i followed her to the principals office.

here i sat, an 8 year old kid trying to explain to the principal
but neither of them wanted to listen,
until suddenly, a solution came to me.

i said to them, “lock me in a room by myself
and give me 10 more questions
that you haven’t given anyone else.
give me 1/2 hour to answer those questions
and let’s see what happens.”

They agreed and said,
“you know if your answers are wrong,
you are going to be expelled.”
i told them i understood.

10 minutes later, i knocked on the door.
they asked me, “Do you give up?”
i answered, “No, i have finished the test.”

But the teacher said, there is no work here
on how you found the answers.
and she walked me again into the principals office.

The principal looked at me
as i braced myself for what he was about to say.
The teacher said, “are you going to expel him?”
The principal looked at me a long time and said,
“No, I am not going to expel you,
i am moving you up several years in math
to see just how much you are capable of doing.”

i love this story, because it sums up the way i have always been
i know things without knowing how i know them.
And it is easy for the math teachers of the world
to think i am crazy,
because it is so easy to continuing seeing what we always see
but i am realising more and more,

and as scary as it is to leave behind the only thing we know
we can not enter the new paradigm with old paradigm thinking.

it is the story of Moses leading the Jews out of slavery
spending 40 years in the desert wandering
but what was really happening was something different
the mind of the slave could not enter the holy land
only the children who were born in the desert,
who never knew slavery could enter the hold land.


i see now the model that works.
it will change everything.
it will end conflict and the gridlock that exists in
government. business. families.
it answers problems we have had no answers to.
i see it already fully functioning in the future.

but i need the help of those who can create sytems
that don’t currently exist
i need to connect with people who understand the answer
and can retro-fit the systems to guide the answer into reality.

there is nothing wrong.
the world already is a better place.
we just need to put the systems in place
to disconnect from this reality and connect to that reality.

anyone interested?
let’s start talking together.

i can’t do this on my own.
That is the lesson of the Mosaic.
That is the lesson of Swarm Intelligence.
That is the lesson of seeing that what we see is not what is.


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and i know how easy it is to protect ourselves
so that we no longer have to feel the pain and hurt
that seems to wait around every turn.

and yet,
because it is my gift to see you
to see behind the walls and the places where you hide
to see the magnificent you that is always there.

you need nothing to be beautiful;
you are glorious with all your cracks and bumps
with all your brokenness, you are not broken.
all of these things add to the glory and majesty of who you are

why not open up and allow yourself to be seen
vulnerable, honestly, beautifully
for there has never been and will never be another like you
bask in the glory of being impectly perfect
a piece of a greater whole, a piece in the glory of The Mosaic.

this was one of the big lessons i was given
while writing The Mosaic.
its character were not holy men or exulted women,
they were beautifully ordinary people
and yet when each of them shared their story with me
i felt uplifted, inspired and transformed.
not because their stories were spiritual
but rather because of how ordinary the spiritual had become.

To get a copy of The Mosaic on Amazon:
please go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG3

i can’t wait to hear how you experience this beautiful story
and to learn what it awakens in you.

The Mosaic Swarm (A Dollar A Month Club)

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We are a civilized nation about to colonize another planet (putting people on Mars) and yet we do not have answers to some of the most basic problems that exist.


Homelessness. Poverty. Hunger. Education. Medical Care. Racism. Equality of Rights. Clean Drinking Water. Human Trafficking. Slavery.

It’s hard to believe these problems exist at all, but to know they exist in virtually every country in the world, is unfathomable. It is time for us to come together, to change what isn’t working and end global suffering.

“We the people” are the first 3 words of the American Constitution, but it has been a very long time since we have functioned as “We the people”. Our world is divided. We have come to a standstill and problems that need to be solved sit unresolved while one side fights the other.


Our mission is:

  • to reconnect a disconnected world; to bring people together by finding similarities rather than differences; to end the deadlock that results from silo thinking and find ways to work together again.
  • bring innovation through the blending of like and unlike minds coming together to share different ways of seeing the same thing. In this convergence, we will find real, viable solutions to  problems that the singular mind cannot solve.
  • to use the existing model of Swarm Intelligence as our technology to determine which projects to work on and which solutions to try and to fund those solutions through the Dollar A Month membership of the people of the swarm.
  • to inspire one billion people world wide to join us in the vision of The Mosaic Swarm Dollar A Month Club.

One Billion Members @ $1 = 1 BILLION DOLLARS a month

Buckminster Fuller once said,

“You cannot solve the problems of the Old Paradigm with the Thinking of the Old Paradigm. To solve those problems, we must create a New Paradigm that makes the Old Paradigm OBSELETE.”


Our mission is to enroll 1 BILLION people into The Dollar A Month Club and to listen to them. We will create rooms, both virtual and physical where people can come together to meet and discuss innovative ideas with people who do not think not them. These places will be where the most brilliant minds in the world come together with the simplest minds of to mine data on what problem should be handled first and how to create solutions.

From there, we will partner with a company called Unanimous AI to use their propriety technology to engage our group into Swarm Intelligence (see Unanimous.AI)


  • To solve problems that should no longer exist
  • To bring decision making back to the people
  • To fund everything we invest in from the Dollar A Month Club (1 Billion members = $1 Billion a month to invest in solutions we find through the use of Swarm Intelligence)
  • To take the risks that are needed to find new solutions, so that even if we go 6 months without finding an answer (spending $6 Billion) each of us would only lose $1 a month or $6.
  • to not have to rely on Government or Charities or investors to finance our solutions, but to use the money generated from The Mosaic Swarm by all of us coming together.
  • To establish a new model that allows for disagreement but focuses on our similarities rather than our differences.
  • To create an alternative to the way of Government and the way of decision making amongst people who disagree.
  • To find ways to think smarter and come together to find solutions rather than continually living in vertical realities, where authoritative leaders tell people what to do.


Who will own The Mosaic Initiative and The Dollar A Month Club?

There will be a team of people who will serve the Mosaic Swarm. They will make salaries and have expenses covered. Everything will be transparent and accounting of finances will be made available to anyone interested. 

No one owns it and everyone owns it. The goal is to use 99% of the money raised to solve the problem we are trying to solve. All of the money except for operating expenses will go to the solutions the Mosaic Swarm suggests.

Who will be the decision maker?

There will be no leader, no board, no decision maker. The Mosaic Swarm will make decisions as to which problems to solve first and how to allocate the resources.

Where will these centers be?

We will start with a virtual room and then over time, grow these rooms to every village, neighborhood, town, and city in the world.  We want to create meeting spaces for innovation, not only to solve the problems of the world but for people to come together with those of unlike mind to innovate solutions for their businesses and their lives.

What is this? Is it a For Profit, a Non-Profit, A Charity? What is the financial model for The Mosaic Initiative?

Currently, the model doesn’t exist. We have to create a new model that will allow us to function in a new way. Anyone interested in helping with this, please contact me:  Danny@TheMosaicOnline.com

How do I join?

Because the entity for this does not yet currently exist, we are asking those of you who are interested to fill out this form so that we have your information on file. Once we create the new entity and find a way for it to function, we will contact you.

First Name                                                       Last Name


Street Address


City                              State/Province                      Country


Telephone                                              Mobile


Tell us a little about yourself:





To build 1 Billion members, we need your help and we ask you to share the Mosaic Swarm with everyone you know.


What do I receive?

Your dollar a month will be an essential part of creating a new paradigm, one in which “we the people” come together to create solutions to the biggest unsolvable problems that exist in our society.

You will become part of a worldwide experiment that will use the latest developments in human connectivity and AI technology to reconnect a disconnected world.

Rather than continue to focus on the things we disagree on, together we will use Swarm Intelligence to find new ways to solve problems. By working together in Swarm, we will decide which problems we are ready to tackle and how we will go about creating our solutions.

Your ONE DOLLAR a month along with one BILLION other members will become the treasury we use to fund the solution we as a swarm create. Imagine being a part of this collective intelligence and knowing that you are a part of the solution.

For more information:

Please email: danny@TheMosaicOnline.com







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countries fighting countries,
religions fighting religions
colors fighting colors,
political parties fighting political parties
the poor fighting the rich and the rich fighting the poor,
men fighting women and women fighting men . . .

but it gets more personal than that
families fighting, parents fighting, siblings fighting
forgoes sake we are even fighting ourselves
knocking ourselves down
fighting illnesses that are caused
by our own cells attacking our immune systems
it seems somewhere along the line
fighting became the thing we do.

but fighting blocks energy
in a world where we need more energy to find solutions
it blocks our ability to make the changes
we need to make in a world that needs to make changes.

instead of fighting we need to build peace
piece by piece, peace by piece, we must reconnect
to self,
and others
for those interested in hearing more, contact me.

To get a copy of The Mosaic on Amazon: please go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG3
send me a proof of purchase,
and I will send you an illustrated PDF entitled

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somewhere along the line we have been sold a philosophy
that is not only incorrect,
but damaging to our being.

somehow we were told that ordinary was bad
unacceptable and ugly.
being ordinary was not good enough
we had to be extraordinary.
and so i ask you this simple question

if ordinary is not something we want,
why would we want to have extra of something we don’t want?

The Mosaic disrupts belief systems
it questions things we have taken for granted for year.
thought processes that have hypnotised us into believing
thoughts that are NOT TRUE.
when did ordinary become bad?

what could be more ordinary than a sunrise,
or buds appearing on a tree to announce spring
night following day and day following night.
the laws of nature are exquisitely ordinary.
The mountain does not want to be the river,
nor does the forest want to be the sky.
everything in nature is content being itself.

why have we lost that contentment?
could it be in our desire to be more than we are
in our unacceptance of the ordinary,
in our longing to be superheroes
and in our inevitable inability
to be something more than we are
we fail
and we then start to believe we are not good enough.

Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

when will we realise
the epidemic of “Not Being Good Enough” is spreading
could it be that it’s deceitful inception began
when we stopped believing in the beauty of being ordinary,
that who we are is not enough
and we had to be extraordinary.

i get it, the sound bite is great
“you are extraordinary, don’t settle for anything less.”
but the very self help movement
that birthed in us that sound bite
is now making billions and billions of dollars off of us
by offering to “fix us”.

THE MOSAIC wants to disrupt this industry
with a celebration of the ordinary.
by questioning what others take for granted
by seeing how beautiful and sacred we are just as we are
by loving and accepting the world as it is

The Mosaic is a gentle reminder to us
that when we sit with what is
and listen
and stop wanting to make everything more than it is
there is beauty and a peace and a contentment that surfaces
and the feeling of not being good enough ends
just as darkness vanishes when we turn on the light.

perfectly imperfect
you were never meant to do this on your own
extraordinary things happen
when EXTRA ORDINARIES come together to make it happen.

To get a copy of The Mosaic on Amazon: please go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG3
send me a proof of purchase,
and I will send you an illustrated PDF entitled

#TheMosaic #DanielBruceLevin #NothingIsAsItSeems #WeAreAllConnected#TheExquisitenessOfOrdinary #StopTheLie #SeeWhatYouDoNotSee#EndLikeMindedCommunities #Innovation #SeeDifferently#LeaveYourComfortZone


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i have witnessed some great businesses,
innovate once and then get stuck in the innovation
and lose their innovative edge.
they had a great idea and then followed it forever
until the innovation became the status quo
and they grew comfortable,
and lost the ability to risk everything and innovate again.

One of my guests on The Mosaic Podcast,
Donald Hoffman, a brilliant scientist and cognitive psychologist
shared with me this incredible statistic:
science tells us that 99% of all species become extinct.
In his book, The Case Against Reality
he says that evolution needs to hid the truth from us
because the truth would impact
our innate survival of the fittest instinct, making us extinct.

what do you choose not to see in your life and business
thinking that if you saw it,
you might lose your competitive edge?

we have been taught subtlety not to innovate,
most of us have been taught to not reinvent the wheel
and to just do what others do.
a sure fire way to stop innovation,
become irrelevant and become extinct.

it is understandable why we do it.
again lets look to science . . .
Dr Joe Dispenza says,
science tells us we have 70,000 thoughts a day,
95% of which are the same thoughts we thought yesterday.
and the day before, and the day before that.

so it is easy to understand why so many of us
just follow our routine,
we do what we have always done,
we think what we always thought,
and see what we have always seen.
and we do this in our lives, our relationships
and our businesses.
innovation is not something that is natural for us to do
and it may cause us our life in a survival of the fittest battle.

so, we look for situations that maintain the status quo
to help us play safe, take fewer risks,
we avoid environments that invite innovation
fearing a survival of the fittest confrontation
because we don’t have the confidence to think we can win,
and so we live life under the radar,
trying to “live” unnoticed.

this is how most of us spend our days, our years, our lives.
invisible. safe. creatures of routine and habit.

is this the way you want to show up in the world?

it all makes sense, until it doesn’t anymore.
innovation is what happens when it all stops making sense.

if life has stopped making sense,
if you are tired or bored or have just lost your spark,
if doing the same thing over and over
has dulled the light of hope you once had in your eyes,
if you want to live your dream again, no matter how old you are.
if you want to reconnect to yourself, your source, your purpose
and remove the boxes that you have been living in.
if your business is ready to innovate
and you are ready to see differently…

i have created what i call THE INNOVATION SESSION
where we sit together and ask for an initiation;
the words we share together will invite you to see differently
so that a transmission of innovation can happen uninterrupted.

the practice is based on what i noticed in my book
The Mosaic (available on Amazon)
that while the story is charming and its words touch your heart,
the secondary transmission happens
in the space between the words.

i feel guided now to offer private sessions
to initiate innovation
for those interested in seeing differently.
this is for individuals, couples, families and/or businesses.

contact me for details, price, appointment times.