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the amazing thing about connection
is that many times in order to connect
we must disconnect from something else.
take a moment and look at what you believe
how do you feel about disconnection?
does it excite you? scare you? free you? or freeze you?
it is so important to consciously look
at how we feel about change
not the changes we control, but the ones out of our control.
if we want more connection in any area of life,
there is a good chance we need to disconnect
from something that holds us there.
are you ready to risk losing what you know for the unknown?
there is no right or wrong answer
wherever you are is wherever you are
no judgement, no self hatred, no punishment of self
just with a kind and loving heart, notice how you feel.
and only you know the real answer.
go within, take time to know piece,
and in that, peace comes
peace by piece.


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one of the characters in The Mosaic is The Mirror Maker.
for me, she is one of my favourite characters
because for me one of the big messages of the book
is invite us to see what we do not see.
the message of the Mirror Maker is to see only what is.

i wanted to share a few words from the chapter called

” . . . I see you have found a mirror you like.
What is it that you like about it?” The Mirror Maker asked.

Mo looked at her, unsure of how much to tell her.
He looked back at the mirror and the mirror spoke again,
Tell her everything, Mo,” the mirror said to him.
“The Mirror Maker has been waiting for you.
She is here to help you.”

Mo turned to The Mirror Maker,
wanting to make sure this time she was speaking to him and not to a reflection of her, and said,
“This mirror speaks to me.”

“What does it say to you?” The Mirror Maker asked.

“It has said many things,
but at first, I was so shocked to hear it speak,
I was not able to hear its words.
But just before your question, it told me I can trust you.
And now it is speaking to me again, asking me,
“When I look into it, what do I see?”

“And what do you see?” The Mirror Maker repeated.

“I see there are many ways to see the same thing.
And now, when I look into the mirror,
I do not see me. I see what I think I am.

Very few see only what the mirror shows them.
What do you see?”

Mo nodded his head and said, “I see my stories, too.
I don’t know that I have ever seen anything the way it truly is.”

Suddenly, The Mirror Maker’s eyes looked at him
from every mirror and said to Mo,
“It is time for that to change.
Look in the mirror now and see only what the mirror shows you.
“You made up stories that were not real,
and then punished yourself for things you never even did. Those stories are destroying you.
“Look at the mirror, Mo.
See only what it shows you.
Leave everything else in the mirror. It isn’t yours.” . . .

we spend so much time living on the periphery of our life
living from outside in rather than inside out.
we live life in a daze,
following the status quo of the stories we have created
rarely questioning what would life look like
if we were to live differently.

why are we so scared to get to know ourselves?
isn’t it time for you to know yourself????

because without that connection,
who is the i that connects to anything?

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i am here . . . holding space for you.
put into this space all of your pain and suffering
pour it all into it.
i am here to listen to whatever you need to say.
i am here to offer you prayers and blessings.
i am here to comfort you and hold you
and free you of your pain and suffering,
not because i can do anything,
but because by holding this container for you,
you now have a place where you can put all that troubles you.
do not keep it in your heart any longer.
i send you prayers and love and peace and blessing and healing to fill the emptiness caused by the release of your pain;
i send you the understanding that everything is truly connected and that these bodies as powerful and beautiful as they are
are just another silo that separate us.
behind all that seems to separate us,
we are all connected.


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i have been thinking lately
about how unconsciously i live my life
it is almost like i am a robot at times
just doing what is in front of me without thinking
without choosing, without deciding what i want to do.

it feels like the cart is driving the horse.
i have grown so used to my routine
so “comfortable” in it’s momentum
that now in order to do something different,
i must not only change what i do,
but stand up to the momentum my routine has brought with it.

change takes courage.
it is not like i am happy in the way of this routine,
but it is familiar and as much as i thought i like change,
i have realised i like familiar more.
it feels comfortable
er, it feels familiar.
it is why i eat the things that i like,
it is why i do the things that i do
familiar brings comfort,
and comfort resists change
i.e. the comfort zone.

there is that saying,
the magic happens just outside your comfort zone.
i am ready for some magic, how about you?
want to join me?
i will meet you in the space right outside our comfort zones.
i am headed there now

#TheMosaic #NoWallsNoSilos #WeAreAllConnected#MagicHappensJustOutSideOurComfortZone #DoSomethngDifferent#ChangeTakesCourage


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why do we feel the opinions and thoughts of others

are more important than our own?

why do we think the answers to the things we need

are outside of us rather than inside of us.

why do we live outside in, rather than inside out.


and all the noise of the world  seduces us

further and further away from ourselves.

increasing our insecurity and our feeling that we are not good enough.


the way of living outside in life is the way most people teach,

and it makes sense as they tell us there is no need to reinvent the wheel

just do what other successful people have done and you will be successful.

they are right.

if you do what others do to make money, you will make money.

if you follow the fitness program others follow, you will be fit.

I do not challenge that.

I challenge the fulfillment and contentment that comes from that way of life

not because it is a mental challenge

but because in the people I have seen, people I have worked with

they are not fulfilled or content.

you will arrive at whatever destination you choose.

why not choose to be yourself? to live from inside out.

to know yourself allow the world to know you, experience you and feel you.


as much as The Mosaic has taught me that we are all connected,

that we are more beautiful together

smarter together

powerful together;

it has also taught me the importance of being piece.

after all a mosaic is made up of many pieces

each of them unique and different

and it is the diversity of these pieces that makes the mosaic beautiful.


the value that comes when we truly know ourselves,

when we no longer hide behind walls of inauthenticity

and show up completely present and vulnerable;

when we know our purpose,

why we were created, and why we are here now;

we walk with a different set of legs

and come from a place very few know.

this way of life changes the life we are living.


know piece, live inside out.

for when we live outside in, there is no peace


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I lost purpose.

it is so easy to do that even me,

a person who speaks about the importance of purpose

got caught in my desire to bring something to the world

that I forgot the steps I need to take to initiate that change.


let me explain.

to promote my new book, The Mosaic, I have been going on a lot of podcasts

and the conversations we have been having have been phenomenal.

caught in those conversations,

I forgot that I was going onto the podcast

to promote and sell my book, The Mosaic.

and so because the conversations were open and honest and vibrant and alive

some people bought the book,

but I was spending a lot of my time and energy speaking to people

but not selling books.

when I sat to relook at things, I realized


I was talking about what I hoped would come as a result of the book.


I forgot the very lesson The Traveler was sharing with me.

everything in creation follows 3 steps.

Beginning. Middle. End.

I was doing what I have always done

going right to the end without taking time

to lay the foundation of beginning and middle.


I wasn’t sharing the story

or talking about the characters

or taking time to let people experience them.


I had forgotten my purpose.

and I was awakened in the middle of the night by The Wise One

and I heard him say to me,

practice 3 of The Mosaic- Do What You Came To Do.


and so I sat in meditation and allowed those words to enter me

and what came to me was



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we all have them
walls that prevent us
from having the connection to life we seek, want, and desire.
i have them, lots of them
and i use them to protect myself
from others getting too close to me.
when people meet me
most think i am pretty vulnerable and open
but that is because the walls i have hid behind
are not somewhere out there where others build their walls
but closer in, way closer in.
my walls protected me from intimacy
i have held those closest to me at bay
with monastic walls that keep me safe
and give me good reason to maintain them.
but there is no good reason to maintain walls
they separate me, isolate me, and keep me feeling alone
they are not monastic walls,
they are stories.
stories of pain and hurt and fear
that keep me disconnected.
i have hidden behind these walls for so long
that i don’t even know how life would be or look without them.
but i have a chance now to find out
and i am going to take it.
i have always said,
our troubles come when one core value we hold
is in opposition to another core value we hold
for me core value 1 = the monastic wall
and core value 2 = connection
the reason core value opposition lines and is so hard to resolve
is because with whatever decision we make,
we win something and lose something else.
and these are not insignificant wins and losses.
they are core value wins and losses.
to connect, i lose the protection of my monastery
to live behind my walls in my monastery, i lose connection.
core value conflict creates in me fluctuation in every moment
my decision is constantly changing.
one piece of Mosaic Immersion is something we call,
The Destination Practice.
a wise man once told me,
“if we do not know where we are going,
every road takes us there.
but if we know where we are going,
there are only a few available options.”
the walls of the monastery offer me connection to god,
and protect me from getting hurt by people.
the road to connection offers connection to the 4 connections of The Mosaic
self. source. purpose and others.
with The Destination Practice
i don’t need to know how to get where i am going
i simply enter my destination into the GPS of my human operating system
and just like a self driving car takes us where we want to go,
i can just sit back and relax and let The Destination Practice take me where i am going. 
so it all comes down to what you want?
walls or connection?
choose your destination.


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and when i found it,
i understood immediately why so many craved it.
finally, i felt like fish in water,
no longer living in a world of people
who didn’t understand me,
it felt amazing to find people
who thought like me and felt like me,
like minded people,
and in their company, i no longer felt alone.
i was no longer a lone wolf crying in the wilderness,
i had found my pack, my tribe, my home.
it felt great to be with people
whose craziness was my craziness
and rather than weak and alone, i felt connected and strong.
until, ever so slightly, imperceivable at first
things started to change.
the words we spoke were different,
the people we surrounded ourselves with were all the same
and over time, my thinking became more narrow minded.
i started to notice it everywhere
in religion, politics, social circles, self help groups, businesses, friendships, foods i ate, practices i followed,
and even more insidiously, beliefs i started to believe.
what had once been my refuge had now become my prison.
locked behind the walls of silo’ed thinking,
i started to very subtly believe
that the way i believed was right,
the way i saw the world was bigger, better, more spiritual,
and as i spoke of everyone’s right to believe as they see fit,
i noticed a dogma slipping into my way of being
one that i saw too in everyone else in my silo,
the very feeling of being not understood
which led me to this like minded group of people,
i was now doing to others.
it was an “animal farm” like takeover
and in a subtle way, i was alienating others
in the same way i had felt alienated before.
i could not support this,
i knew how alone it had made me feel
and certainly did not want to be a part
of making others feel the same
not in my like minded community or any other
i saw our silos getting bigger and stronger
and the space between the silos getting wider and deeper.
we were losing something
a gift that the beauty of diversity was trying to give us,
an ability to collectively find solutions to unsolvable problems
the ability to see different sides of an issue
and then come to center.
we started to stay within our silos, play safe, take less risks
and we were losing innovation.
innovation comes
when we are able to see what we do not see
the more we stay safe in like minded communities of thought
we lose the ability to discover new ways of seeing things.
i believe in a world where everything is possible.
the only reason it is not possible yet
is because i can’t see a way for it to be possible.
but when i mixed openly and lovingly with people
who see the world differently,
perhaps i might just see the piece i never saw before
and the impossible will suddenly become possible.
it is time for a change.
it is time for us to disband like minded communities
and open the door to communities of like and unlike minds
to come together with all people
rich and poor; old and young; people of every color of skin, and every language,
people who know no division of  border, or religion, or sex, or education
it is time for  the greatest minds to sit together with the simplest minds
to solve the problems that all of us experience.
it is time to start groups in every city, in every state, in every country
groups that unify, not divide,
groups where people work together rather than tear each other apart.
like buckminster fuller said years ago
“you cannot solve the problems of the old paradigm with the thinking of the old paradigm,
we must create a new paradigm that makes the old one obsolete.”
it is time for vertical thinking to end.
thinking that there are those who know and they must teach, fix, help those who do not know.
that model has gotten us here. it no longer works.
it is time for the Mosaic Paradigm
where every piece comes together and creates something that no piece on it own can do.
call it swarm intelligence, or connected intelligence or whatever other name you prefer,
it is time for the intelligence of like and unlike minds to come together to lead us to new answers.
contact me if you are interested in helping to create Mosaic Groups in your area.
places where people can come to speak without anger and listen without judgement.
email me: danny@TheMosaicOnline.com


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many years ago,
the rebbe pulled me aside
and told me he wanted me to understand
the difference between being honest and being truthful.
i was perplexed.
but he continued saying,
“what does it mean to be honest?”
to explain, he shared with me  the following story.
“a man was away all day at work and when he came home, he told his wife
i thought about you almost every moment of the day
except for about 20 seconds when this beautiful woman walked by.
she was gorgeous and i couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

what do you think his wife heard?
do you think she heard that for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 40 seconds
all he could do was think of her.
or do you think she heard the 20 seconds?.
the 20 seconds, right?
well that is what happens when we are only truthful.

honesty is that he come home and says,
“baby, i love you so much,
i thought about you almost every moment of the day today
and the thought of you made me so happy.”
what do you think his wife feels now?

perhaps it is because i have been truthful so much in my life
that this story hit home.
why do we spend so much of our time thinking only of the 20 seconds?

i used to judge a whole religion, because of a few.
i would look in the mirror and see my flaws rather than my strengths
i remember vividly the moments i made a mistake,
rather than the life that i have lived gloriously.
do you do this too?

if so, you must get yourself a BeKind2U Bracelet
and do the @1 Day BeKind2U Challenge (see that page on my website)

here is my promise to myself
and because we are all connected in the beautiful mosaic of life
here is my promise to you as well.
i will be honest with myself rather that truthful
i will allow all of my moments to make up my present
i will see the beauty of the whole rather the broken pieces that make up the mosaic

when we meditate on mondays together at 5:55pm California Time
let’s remember our world is amazingly beautiful
and the vast, vast, vast majority of the people living here
are kind and loving and want to live in peace.

when we pray for each other
lets pray that we see each other honestly
not the 20 seconds
but the 23 hours, 59 minutes, 40 seconds
that make up who we are on a day to day basis.

we are all one mosaic,
one exquisite piece of art
made up of all of our moments
what will we focus on,
the necessary parts on the mosaic that are filled with darkness
or the totality of the mosaic that makes us light.
i know which one i choose. how about you?


The Divided United States of America

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wow. i am watching the historic hearing
on the assault allegations of brett kavanaugh
and i have to say our beautiful country
no matter what side you are on, or which side wins,
is injured as a nation
and no matter who “wins” in this process, we all lose.

until we come together.

i have such a sick feeling in my stomach
watching all of the lies, all of the partisanship,
all of the protection, all of the spin of answers
by both parties.

when will, we, the people say enough is enough.
i am praying
yet my heart feels so much pain
i feel my prayers are impeded
by my inability to love through this pain.
i will keep trying. please pray with me
that our divided nation heal.