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3 years ago, I started writing The Mosaic.  When I was the Director of Business Development at Hay House, I found that most people write the book they most need to read. That is certainly the case for me with The Mosaic. I tried at first to write it from a place of knowing, but everything I wrote was erased.  It  was only when I got out of my own way, and listened to what The Mosaic was asking me to write, that the book started to flow.

Looking back now, here are a few of the many, many reveals The Mosaic has shared:

LESSON 1 – Things Take Time, Be Patient
I have always felt like this is a book for the ages and that it will touch millions and millions of people. I thought I would write this book, send it to publishers, tell my “friends” about it  and they would run to the store and buyout and read it and then tell their friends about it, and the groundswell would start.

I saw it selling lots of copies through this word of mouth campaign and then creating the space to start dialogue on how to start to redefine the paradigm of the world from a vertical paradigm where people fix those who need to be fixed, to a MOSAIC PARADIGM where by just coming together we see opportunities that we never saw before. i.e. we all become more than we are individually.

What I realise now is that growth happens more organically. Everything has its moment and I must prepare myself so that when the moment comes, I embrace it.

LESSON 2 – Love Is The Only Thing That Matters.
Whereas I have said this over and over, I have not felt it or lived it. I still don’t. To love, to really love and allow myself to be loved for me has been hard. To let another person in that close to me, to experience real intimacy (in to me see) has been something Ihave not been ready to do. I know it is because of all the pain I have experienced and the fragility of my heart, and I look forward to the moment when I am able to et those I love most deeply not my heart.

I am learning patience. (see LESSON 1 – Things Take Time, Be Patient  my destination has changed. Love is now the destination. Love is now the journey. Love is now my purpose, and no matter how many times, I stumble, I get up again loving myself in the process.

LESSON 3 – Patience Takes Kindness
As crazy as this might sound, I believe everything starts with kindness. When the Dalai Lama was asked, “What religion do you practice? ” He answered, “My religion is kindness.”

I never understood that until this moment. Kindness to self is the practice of the new paradigm for it allows us to accept all that happens as a gift from a benevolent world and then invites us to fight no longer with the world around us and surrender to its kindness.

LESSON 4 – Melt The Silos
I/we have so many walls around me/us. I have been humbled by how few people really know themselves. I/we have hidden behind the walls I/we use to protect myself/ourselves
for so long, I/we have started to believe I am/we are those walls. But I am/we are not those walls and though they once protected us, they now isolate us and keep us separate and removed from each other. There is no intimacy when my wall meets your wall and there is also no connection.

To connect with each other, we have to come out from the walls we hide behind, melt those silos and see and touch and hear one another unfiltered by our fear. When we allow ourselves to connect, great things will happen.

LESSON 5 – Be Vulnerable
When I take down my wall and I allow myself to stand unprotected, I can no longer hide behind who I want you to see, I am what I am. (Interestingly enough, in the old testament, when one of the patriarch of Judaism asked God, “Who are you?” God replied, “I Am That I Am.” Here in this simple answer is something I only now am discovering and in that understanding, there is so much freedom.

I could go on and on as The Mosaic has given me so much, not only in the words of its story, but in the spaces between its words. It has been a such a gift to me and I hope your experience of reading it will feel like a gift to you as well.


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It is so simple

but I made it so complicated.

As I meditate on this, and sit with it, and feel it

I realize, I have protected myself for so long

I have forgotten the one thing that will end all of my pain

how to love.


I have surrounded myself with walls to protect myself from getting hurt

walls of pain protecting me from more pain.

how did I ever start to believe that made sense?

and the more my walls of pain protected me

the more I forgot how to love.


sitting here now,

I see it all starts with kindness to myself,

in the beautiful practice of loving me.

this love strengthens me and this love melts the walls that protect me

for love needs no protection.

love is love. love is connection.

love removes pain by simply being there

just like light removes darkness because its presence makes it impossible for darkness to be.


and love grows

the more I love, the more I feel a connection to the source of all that love is.

I connect to something so much bigger than myself

and in this connection, I merge with the love that creates all things.

I become connected to the source of all love.


and love grows again

and in this expansion of love, I see my purpose

I am here to experience this experience.

I am here to love.

that is my purpose.


and love grows again,

with love as my purpose I now know what i am here to do

i am here to just love. love is all there is

and i can do nothing other now than love.

and just by being love, pain vanishes.

and this is The Mosaic, a connection of love with others that heals pain.

these are the four practices of connection. this is THE MOSAIC.



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i am living in a painted silo
hiding and protecting myself from the world around me.
and as vulnerable and real as i try to be
i still see how scared i am:
to love and be loved
to stand unprotected in front of you
to allow myself to feel
because i am scared that you will hurt me.
one of the most recent reveals The Mosaic has given to me is:
the action plan its story tells.
when Mo, the protagonist,
experiences the greatest pain he has ever known
the loss of his parents,
he doesn’t hide scared in his silo,
he goes out walking
he meets people and listens to them tell their story.
the world he sees is suddenly different
the sky unzips and he finds his heaven.
once again, i see The Mosaic came to me for me.
i have silo’ed myself away
scared to go out and experience “the pain”
of the world around me, scared to be hurt again.
and i have painted my silo
and fooled myself into thinking i am visible.
it is time to start “my walk”.
to listen more to the people i meet
to hold the space for us to empty ourselves of our stories
to feel safe enough to come out of our painted silos
and be ourselves.
i invite you to join me.
this is a call to all of you
every piece of The Mosaic
to those who feel broken and whole
pretty and ugly
strong and weak
capable and not worthy
rich and poor
white and of color,
people of all faiths and those of no faith
to every religion and every nation
this is a call for all of you who have forgotten
who you are
and how exquisite you are
how important you are
and how needed you are
this is a call for all of you
to do now what you came here to do
our world needs you.
come out with me from behind your painted silo
and show the world exquisiteness of who we are
when we come together.
this is what i learned today from my book, The Mosaic.
what will you experience in reading it?
#TheMosaic #ComeOutFromYourPaintedSilo #WalkListenFindHeaven #WeAreAllConnected


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yesterday, i had some beautiful conversations
with people whose connection opened the door for me
to see more clearly the space that i am being asked to enter.
it is such a beautiful space and i left those conversations
humbled and in awe
and happy to feel such a beautiful resonance
with the space where i am headed.
but as sister gyanamata,
one of yogananda’s foremost disciples used to say
and i paraphrase her words here,
our spirituality is not measured
in the glorious experiences we have,
nor in the angels we talk to
or the miracles we see
but rather in how we act in the cold hard light of day.
that cold hard light of day moment came to me last night
in the form of an email from someone
telling me that i was using a situation
to make myself appear better in the eyes of others;
and it mentioned also there was no truth to the reality that i experienced
and i should never do it again.
what i saw in that cold hard light of day moment
was who i am.
i have a thing with integrity
it is one of my core values.
and when someone questions my integrity,
it hurts me.
probably, because i have had lapses of integrity in the past
and so i have vowed as i move forward to live my life with as much integrity as i can
and i believe i do a pretty good job living this way.
(but for those of you who have read my book, THE MOSAIC
you will remember the story of The Gardener)
and here is what i know,
if someone says something about me
that i don’t believe about myself,
it rolls right off my back leaving no imprint.
if what they say is something i am trying to hide
something i myself believe in the hidden parts of my being,
then i try to rationalise it or defend myself.
i sat with the email i received
i meditated on the response i wanted to write
and i wrote a kind but slightly defensive email in response
and so when i sat with the feeling i had
i realised i felt hurt.
let me say right here and now,
if i have ever done anything
to make myself appear to be more than i am to you
i apologise from the deepest places in my heart.
for my belief about who i am is as far away from that
as anything i can possible conceive .
i try to live my life as who i am
because i understand,
trying to be who i think you want me to be is a complete waste of time.
i can never be that.
and yet, as i sat to meditate this morning
i still felt the need to explain, rationalise and prove wrong.
these are all symptoms of silo thinking,
meaning i felt hurt
(i was hiding something as The Gardener story shows)
put up my walls,
and went into defence mode.
defending my silo from attack.
this did not feel like who i am . . .
so i sat and stopped my mind from talking
and listened.
at first, it was not easy to quiet my mental chatter
with my walls up, my rationalizations echoed from wall to wall,
they don’t know me,
they don’t understand who i am,
here they go again blah, blah, blah
and then it happened,
my voice stopped and i heard my voice begin
love them,
the only answer is to love them more.
and then the voice told me
i have created a space for you 
to pour all of your pain, and all of your anger into it
let it all out,
i am here to receive all of it
empty yourself of everything that hurts you
pour more and more of your pain into it
until you can walk free with no pain inside you.
and know that whenever you feel pain,
you can come to this space
and empty yourself into it.
it will free you.
in doing this, a block was removed
and i feel lighter.


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In my book, The Mosaic
the story line is really about seeing what we do not see.
it’s story has the protagonist Mo
meeting all different types of people, ordinary people
and he wonders why he is meeting these people
on his search to find heaven.
but he thinks since he is there with them
he might as well take the time to listen to their stories
it is only when he takes the time to listen,
that he sees the person he now sees
is completely different than the one he saw only moments previously.

in a book whose message is to see what you don’t see,
it is only fitting that it too would not reveal everything,
but would only hint at things to be discovered over time
as you sit with its words and allow them to enter you

now i understand why The Mosaic took so long to write
and why it would erase what i had written time and time again
until i was able to get out of the way
and write only what it wanted to say.

this book has magic within it
if and when you read it, become aware of the space between it words and listen to what it wants to tell you.
along with the charming story
that will touch your heart and soothe your soul, you will hear another story that will transform you.

you can order signed copy of the book here or pick up a copy on amazon.com
search for: The Mosaic Daniel Levin
i hope you enjoy the story of my heart.
please share your experience by writing a review on Amazon.


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I was always different, even as a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I was smart, popular and played well with other kids. I loved sports and as one season turned into another, the sport of that season consumed me. Football. Basketball. Baseball.

Team sports and I played on teams and with my friends until dusk turned into night and we could no longer see the ball of the sport. I mixed well with other kids, but don’t get me wrong, I never felt I was the same as them.

Perhaps a short story will help. When I was ten years old, my parents gave me $10.00 for my birthday and told me to do with it whatever I wanted. I remember my excitement, waiting for Saturday to walk the eight blocks from our home to the local shopping area, a short connection of streets with a row of shops on each side. There was a grocery store, a bakery, a toy store, a butcher shop, a hardware store, a diner and a bowling alley.  Times were so much more innocent then than they are now and there I was a ten year old boy, out on my own with $10.00 in my pocket to buy “whatever” I wanted.

Imagine my parents shock and surprise when I returned home from my outing and showed them with pride the first book I ever bought, A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon by Ruth Montgomery. My mother made me take it right back to the bookstore and she came with me to demand a refund. But try as she did to help me fit in, I was different.  A few years later, my dad passed away followed by my mom 2 years later. My already inquisitive mind now worked overtime trying to understand why things happen and who I was in the process. People laughed at me, for walking away from amazing opportunities in the search to find myself, only reinforcing again and again to me, how different I was.

 But now, at the ripe young age of 63, i look out at a world that continually strives for success, but has a dearth of people who actually know themselves. The world I see is one in which people live protected and they have lived for so long with the walls they have built around themselves, they don’t even know who they are. Ask yourself, WHO ARE YOU WITHOUT THE WALLS THAT PROTECT YOU? Do you even know that person? Does that person even exist anymore?

But because we live behind walls, the connection we have with ourselves and others is severely limited. My “connection” with you is really just my walls connecting with your wall, rather than you connecting with me. No wonder our relationships sometimes feel so empty. And no wonder the world we live in is fighting so desperately hard to prove “my silo is right.”.

When I sit now and look forward, I ask myself, “Is this the world I always dreamed of leaving to my children?” And the answer I give is a resounding “No!!!!” but unless I do something, nothing will change.  As Gandhi once said, “You are the change you have been waiting for.”

It is time for those of us who resonate with helping to create a world that we would proudly hand to our children come together to build a world that accepts diversity, that sees the power and strength that come when people of unlike minds come together to innovate, where color and religion and what border you live behind is no longer important, where politics no longer separate us but finds ways to innovate change, where every voice is listened to and acknowledged, where hatred is melted by love, where homelessness and hunger no longer exist, where everyone has health care and clean drinking water, where people do not need to sell their bodies to make a living or sell their souls for the right to live free. This is the world I am looking to create, not for just a few, but for everyone.

It was Margaret Meade who said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

It was Martin Luther King who said, “I have a dream . . . “

And it was Buckminster Fuller who said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

It is time to build a new model. Let us come together, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Rich and Poor, Old and Young, Employed and Unemployed, Citizen and Immigrant, Healthy and Unhealthy, Educated and Uneducated from every race and religion, every nation and every village to build this new mosaic that united us rather than separates us, for the solutions that we will find are beyond anything we alone can imagine.

Now is the time. Now is the moment. Come forward in whatever way you feel drawn to help. Let nothing stop you. Not Fear, Nor Greed, Nor Feelings of Unworthiness. Together We Can Do Anything.



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cut and paste the link below into your browser. it is amazing!







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the amazing thing about connection
is that many times in order to connect
we must disconnect from something else.
take a moment and look at what you believe
how do you feel about disconnection?
does it excite you? scare you? free you? or freeze you?
it is so important to consciously look
at how we feel about change
not the changes we control, but the ones out of our control.
if we want more connection in any area of life,
there is a good chance we need to disconnect
from something that holds us there.
are you ready to risk losing what you know for the unknown?
there is no right or wrong answer
wherever you are is wherever you are
no judgement, no self hatred, no punishment of self
just with a kind and loving heart, notice how you feel.
and only you know the real answer.
go within, take time to know piece,
and in that, peace comes
peace by piece.


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one of the characters in The Mosaic is The Mirror Maker.
for me, she is one of my favourite characters
because for me one of the big messages of the book
is invite us to see what we do not see.
the message of the Mirror Maker is to see only what is.

i wanted to share a few words from the chapter called

” . . . I see you have found a mirror you like.
What is it that you like about it?” The Mirror Maker asked.

Mo looked at her, unsure of how much to tell her.
He looked back at the mirror and the mirror spoke again,
Tell her everything, Mo,” the mirror said to him.
“The Mirror Maker has been waiting for you.
She is here to help you.”

Mo turned to The Mirror Maker,
wanting to make sure this time she was speaking to him and not to a reflection of her, and said,
“This mirror speaks to me.”

“What does it say to you?” The Mirror Maker asked.

“It has said many things,
but at first, I was so shocked to hear it speak,
I was not able to hear its words.
But just before your question, it told me I can trust you.
And now it is speaking to me again, asking me,
“When I look into it, what do I see?”

“And what do you see?” The Mirror Maker repeated.

“I see there are many ways to see the same thing.
And now, when I look into the mirror,
I do not see me. I see what I think I am.

Very few see only what the mirror shows them.
What do you see?”

Mo nodded his head and said, “I see my stories, too.
I don’t know that I have ever seen anything the way it truly is.”

Suddenly, The Mirror Maker’s eyes looked at him
from every mirror and said to Mo,
“It is time for that to change.
Look in the mirror now and see only what the mirror shows you.
“You made up stories that were not real,
and then punished yourself for things you never even did. Those stories are destroying you.
“Look at the mirror, Mo.
See only what it shows you.
Leave everything else in the mirror. It isn’t yours.” . . .

we spend so much time living on the periphery of our life
living from outside in rather than inside out.
we live life in a daze,
following the status quo of the stories we have created
rarely questioning what would life look like
if we were to live differently.

why are we so scared to get to know ourselves?
isn’t it time for you to know yourself????

because without that connection,
who is the i that connects to anything?

#TheMosaic #KnowYourself #KnowPieceKnowPeace #NopieceNoPeace#WeAreAllConnected #TheMirrorMaker #BuyTheMosaiconAmazon


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i am here . . . holding space for you.
put into this space all of your pain and suffering
pour it all into it.
i am here to listen to whatever you need to say.
i am here to offer you prayers and blessings.
i am here to comfort you and hold you
and free you of your pain and suffering,
not because i can do anything,
but because by holding this container for you,
you now have a place where you can put all that troubles you.
do not keep it in your heart any longer.
i send you prayers and love and peace and blessing and healing to fill the emptiness caused by the release of your pain;
i send you the understanding that everything is truly connected and that these bodies as powerful and beautiful as they are
are just another silo that separate us.
behind all that seems to separate us,
we are all connected.