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everything appear so different,
without the lights of the city, the stars were magnificent,
without the noise of constant motion, i could hear the silence,

the way of the outer world is the way of the inner world too,
to hear the whisper of the soul,
you must quiet the constant motion of your mind.

of all the sounds you could ever hear
the sound of your soul is the most intoxicating
the most thrilling, the most peaceful.
you soul so wants you to hear its whispers

practice the practice of stillness,
experience the sound of quiet
create the space within you to know peace.

when the piece knows peace
The Mosaic that forms around it spreads peace.
peace by piece
this is the way of The Mosaic.

i invite you to read The Mosaic
everything in it’s story
is about how the connections we make create the life we live.
to buy the Mosaic on Amazon: http://a.co/dvgsgG3

or perhaps you are interested in experiencing soul sessions
where together we quiet the noise around you
and listen to what your soul is saying to you
message me for more information

or maybe you just want to experience The Mosaic Cards
a free card reading that offers 3 new perspectives
to any question you want to ask.

if i can help you to experience your soul, it would be my honor

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if you haven’t seen The Great Hack on Netflix,
it will blow your mind.

i have no idea how true or false it is
but when i watched it, i realized
the reason we are now so much more divided
than we have ever been
is because data is being gathered on every one of us,
they know what we like and what we don’t like
what triggers us and what our weak points are
and government, corporations, companies are using that data
to persuade us to think the way they want us to think.

they are feeding us images and stories that incite us
make us mad, play on our underlying insecurities
foster our hatred and position us against one another

and because they are secretly mining our data
all of this is happening without us even knowing,
they are putting pressure on our pressure points
to make those who are undecided lean towards them.

it is happening everywhere now
because we are so consumed by the internet
our privacy has vanished
and our data has become
a weapon that they are using against us
to manipulate us into thinking what they want us to think.

when The Mosaic wrote through me,
“Nothing is as it seems.”
i had no idea the implication it was showing me.
it is time to see what we do not see
to create a new paradigm
because with this sales of data
democracy at the very core is eroding.

i am so sorry to post such a post
but i watched TheGreat Hack last night
and i have spent every moment since praying for an answer.

we have to see what is happening,
see what we do not see
and come together to create a world in which a few
do not separate the many for their own benefit.

if this movie is not true, (and i believe it is)
then the situation it portrays is too close at hand to sit by
and do nothing.

please share with me your thoughts.


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everything is changing. everything remains the same.
there is a sacredness that has always been
in every breath and every molecule,
in the living and the not alive
i am only now feeling it.

The Mosaic awoke something is me
a connectedness that is so tangible and real
that sometimes i hear you and feel you
as if you are me because you ARE me.

people speak of dimensional changes,
i do not understand their words,
but i feel what they are talking about happening within me.

i am becoming hyper sensitive
my monastery has become wall less
and i sit in my home,
with excess weight on me trying to protect myself
from things that do not scare me
but things that i do not understand.

i feel you,
when i see you. when i speak with you.
when i pass you on the street or sit in a crowd with you,
when you email me or post a post on facebook.

i love you, deeply.
in healing we, we heal.

as i read this to my wife and asked if this was too pretentious,
she responded, “it is real.”
and continued by saying,
“i think it important to start talking about this.
to not be ashamed or embarrassed or afraid of judgement.
it is time to start real dialogue around this empath journey.”

i agree.
care to share your experience.
i am here for you.

#TheMosaic #NothingIsAsItSeems #WeAreAllConnected#TheLieIsNotTheTruth #TheOldWayIsNotTheNewWay


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The Mueller Report

does anyone feel differently today after
all of this dodgeball testimony, than they did before.

democrats acknowledge it was not what they were wishing for
but say the “facts” that came out one boring piece at a time
paint a picture of lying, obstruction and immorality.

the republicans say, it was a bad day for democrats
nothing they were hoping for came out
they paint a picture of a witch hunt and a vindictive party
that still can’t accept that they lost

when will we see,
the answers this county needs are not outside of us
but inside of us.

as i sat and watch “legaleeze” win over truth
while i watched the not answering of questions,
while i watched the certainty of ego
each side came to the hearing with
while i watched shame and the blame
march unobstructed through a battlefield of obstruction.
while i watched lies and liars, spin truth for their own sake

i remembered a court case i was involved in years ago
where the lawyers said whatever they needed to say to win
while the truth sat alone in the corner becoming unimportant

i asked myself then and again today,

when will we stop the lies and start to speak the truth?
if our children were acting the way our leaders are acting,
we would not be happy with their action.
we have fallen from what has made us who we are.

every civilisation has fallen,
the Mayans, the Incas, The Aztecs,
the Roman Empire, The Spanish, and the English
the story repeats itself constantly.
why do we think the USA will not one day fall?

people fall when they become too proud
when they think
they are beyond the consequences of their actions.
it is darwinian at it best,
the survival of the fittest.

When we lose integrity, we lose our way.
when the end justifies the means, we lose our core values
when fighting becomes the norm and the unity the exception,
we lose freedom.

for all who cherish freedom,


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it is so nice when suddenly out of the blue
I receive confirmation for the things I feel.

i have been pretty forthcoming
sharing my vulnerability with people
about feeling that there is a new way for me to be in the world

i have become disillusioned
with the merchant like mentality of our interactions.
we seem to be endlessly engaged in selling ourselves
or being sold services by others.
the process, which i for many years engaged in too
has left me feeling empty.

for the last year, i have been feeling a change within me.
i have been sitting, meditating, praying, listening,
and practicing patience
and in the past i have not been a very patient person.
i have been frustrated, scared, called crazy,
lectured to, told by others what to do;
i have more heads shaken at me, fingers pointed at me
and opinions shade with me than ever before in my life.

and, i have felt more grace, more love of god, more content;
i have felt my walls dropping and my sensitivity rising;
i have felt the bliss of surrender
and the sacredness of living in the now.
i am feeling more, fighting less, loving more, rationalising less
serving more, worrying about what you think less,
i have been more peaceful and less stressed,
i have spoken less and been quiet more
and in the quiet i am feeling a resurgence of my soul
on my connection to who i really am.

i feel more trust,
guided by an inner voice that sometimes scares me
not because i am afraid to do what it says
but rather because i do not know how to do it.
i have spent hours sitting going deep inside
rather than hunting and searching for people to help.
my mantra has been to be like a flower
that opens it petals to release an aroma
that is so intoxicating that any one who passes by it
can do nothing else but stop a moment to smell it.

over these last days, i have started to receive confirmation
that solutions come when i listen to my soul.
i have known this for decades,
but in my desire to take care of my self and my family,
i have forgotten to listen to the one who takes care of me.

thank you being patient with me
and for holding the space for me to trust again
to keep going in the direction of my inner truth
to know there is a way we can work together
where each of us become a part of our decision to do so.
it takes trust, lots of trust
and it feels so right, so beautiful, so intoxicating
to do business in this way.

if anyone is interested to further this conversation,
please reach out to me and contact me.
let talk, work, love soul to soul.

we have work to do. lets do it together.

#TheMosaic #WeAreAllConnected #NothingIsAsItSeems #SoulToSoul#SoulWhisperer #MeetYourselfAgain#TogetherWeAreStrongerThanWeAreAlone


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many of the most important things for me to hear
do not come in shouts or protestations of those around me
but rather in the quiet whispers of my own soul.
whispers so gentle and subtle,
that they are so easy to miss,
and i am sure i have missed many of them.

but as i quiet the noise around me
and take down the walls that have protected me
the whispers of my soul become easier to hear.

what has been mind boggling to me
is that from this place of listening to my own soul
i am able to hear the souls of other people too
and as i listen more,
it has invited me to work with others
to remind them of what their soul is saying to them.
such a beautiful gift to be able to share with people
the messages their soul is saying to them.

The Mosaic (available on Amazon) whispers to you soul.
As my friend, Jody Doty, Soul Reader wrote in her testimonial,

“The Mosaic is like taking a walk with your soul. It is a journey not to be missed.”

If you feel caught up in the noise of the world around you
and have longed once again to hear the voice of your soul,
lets talk about doing some Soul Session Work together
and please buy a copy of The Mosaic
and allow its words and its vibration to whisper to your soul.


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Be kind to yourself.
– The First Practice of The Mosaic

One would think being kind to ourselves would be so easy for us to do, yet for most of us this simple practice is really difficult. It almost seems like we have become wired to be hard on ourselves. And why wouldn’t we? After being told over and over again, that who we are is not good enough, over time we start to believe that messaging is true.

Naturally if we believe who we are, is not good enough, we spend our time trying to be someone else. But matter how hard we try, we will never be someone else, we are destined to fail, because being someone other than ourselves is not sustainable. Our failure continues to reinforce our story of not being good enough and we fall right back into the self perpetuating pattern of failure and being hard on ourselves.

When we ask ourselves “what do I see?” for most of us, if we are honest, we don’t see ourselves. We see the walls we have built around ourselves to protect us from being hurt or the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. Very rarely do we see who we are without the walls and the stories.

This practice of BEING KIND TO YOURSELF is an invitation to see what is and be kind to what it is we see. The connection of this practice is a connection to ourselves.

#TheMosaic #WeAreAllConnected #NothingIsAsItSeems #BeKind2U#TheMosaicPodcast #The4Practices


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but that’s okay.
we all need to be able to share what we think with love.

but when we worry about whether we wil be liked or not
for saying the things we say,
it not only has the potential
to restrict our ability to speak truthfully
but it can also rob us of the opportunity
to meet people who see the world we see differently.

with that said, i want to speak out
to everyone on both sides of the aisle
to say to you with all the love of my heart,

we have stopped listening to each other
and we do not even pause for a moment
to hear what we ourselves are saying.
we have become so absorbed in the noise,
we have lost our ability to hear the quie.

we speak against intolerance intolerantly
we speak against hatred with hatred
we put others down for putting others down.
surely i am not the only one who sees this.
does this make sense to you.

in my book, The Mosaic (available on amazon)
Mo, the main character, walks into a mirror store
and he is struck by how beautiful the mirrors in the store are
and while he is browsing through the the store,
he meets the Mirror Maker who asks him
“what do you see when you look into the mirror?”

in the flow of the story
the message that is lobbed into the air for people to grasp is
what we see out there, is who we are in here.

we must stop fighting, for we are fighting ourselves.
we are losing so much more than we think we are gaining.

we know the saying, “united we stand, divided we fall.”
unless we reach out to each other
and stop the childish, arrogance and pride filled fighting;
the very fabric of what makes our country great,
we will continue to pummel head first
into the ground of our destruction.

i am speaking now especially to those of us
who say we are conscious,
for i watch you time and time again
commit the very same actions you stand in criticism of.
that must change.
to those of you who believe you are more conscious
you must know
for is you use them wisely
we change change the narrative of the story we are living

Remember the simple Mosaic Change Formula:
Our thoughts become our words.
Our words become our stories.
Our stories become our lives.

To change any part of this equation,
change any part of the equation
and everything changes.

please share you comments below
and if you have become so caught in the noise of the fight
that you have lost your ability to hear your own soul voice,
reach out to me.
we have work to do. let’s do it together.

to learn more about The Mosaic, please go to:

#TheMosaic #WeAreAllConnected #NothingIsAsItSeems #YourWordsHavePower#BeWhoYouSayYouAre


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I am so happy when I read your social media posts
and look at your pictures,
it brings me such joy to feel your happiness
and to see how well you are doing.

but recently, I was given a grace,
my walls started dropping.
and so now, without walls to hide behind
something counter-intuitive is happening.
I find I am not defending myself as much
and I am loving people more.

and more is entering into my space, lots more.
I am feeling stuff I haven’t felt before.
like a mosaic, one feeling connects to another
and here is where it gets a little weird
the happiness I initially feel for you
becomes a doorway for me to feel more of you.
it connects me to other places in you
places that are not so happy, places where energy is blocked,
and suddenly as I sit with you,
I am sitting not in the happy pictures that you shared
but in the places that long to be loved that you do not share.

i wonder, if this is what it means to be an empath.
I don’t know
what I do know is that I feel you.
I see things and know things I have no right to know.
and when I share the things I see with you,
you are amazed and ask me how I could possibly know that.

I know it because I listen to what you tell me.
not the chitter chatter of your words
but the voice of your soul.
it shares messages with me that it wants you to hear,
and when it does,
I want to share them with you.

I have been testing this with people over the last few years
and I finally feel ok about sharing this with you
I have been waiting for The Mosaic to show me
how to move forward.
i have not wanted to sell anything to anyone
because i am so tired of always being sold too.
so this is not a sale, it is an agreement.

I realize this is one of the things I have come here to do,
to disrupt the lie fo separation and show we are connected.
how better to do that than to share with you
what your soul is telling me to say to you.

I am starting now to offer perceptual sessions.
if you are interested in hearing the whisper of your soul,
contact me to discuss cost and arrange details.
together we decide if and how to proceed.

in loving service to you,




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When we know ourself
and know those things that bring harm to ourself.
only then do we know victory.

do you know yourself?
do you know the things that bring you harm?

sometimes i can hear your soul talking to you.
if that happens when we speak together,
I will share what your soul is telling me.
If it makes sense, let’s keep talking.
If not, let’s sit in the quiet

To set up a conversation, go to: https://calendly.com/mosaicdanny/60min?month=2019-07