The BeKind2U Challenge

Three Easy Steps

1. Put on the BeKind2U bracelet

From the moment you place the bracelet on the left wrist,
make a commitment to yourself
to become aware of the way you treat yourself.
Listen to the thoughts you have and the words you say.
This is Day 1.
Congratulations. You have just started your BeKind2U practice.

2. Switch the Bracelet

Observe your thoughts and your words.
When you find yourself thinking or speaking unkind words,
this could be self judgement, self deprecation
or words that just put yourself down
take the bracelet off and move it to the other wrist.
Welcome back to Day 1.
Start Over.

3. Stay With It

The practice being kind to yourself will start to grow on you.
But remember, it can take a while to complete the 21-Day BeKind2U challenge.
Stick with it!
Have fun, laugh with yourself as you find yourself being judgemental
and imagine how good you will feel
when you stop constantly knocking yourself down.
Feel what it is like to BE KIND TO YOURSELF.
Notice how good it feels to no longer need the walls
you have hid behind to protect yourself from your own attacks.
Feel them fall away as you practice kindness.