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In, my book, The Mosaic, Mo’s father appears to him after his death and says, “Mo, remember nothing is as it seems.” These 6 words change Mo’s life and have the power to change your reality too. Let me give you an example.
One of the biggest hidden revelations of The Mosaic, to me is that in the story, Mo not only has conversations with people but he also speaks and listens to inanimate objects. Imagine the impact of that in your life for a moment. Imagine living in a world where everything is not only alive but able to communicate with you. I am not just talking about animate beings (people and animals), I am talking about everything; the stars, the wind, the clothes you are wearing, animals and inanimate objects, everything basin dialogue with you.  What do you think the world would say to you if it was speaking to you and if you are willing to listen?
Imagine, just as every human being wants to be listened to and heard, the universe itself, wants to be listened to and heard by you too.
Would the world you live in be a  benevolent world, where everything that happens, happens to love and support you. Or do you believe you would live in a malevolent world where everything is operating against you?
Can you imagine how powerful that one decision is and the consequences that one decision makes on how you live in the world around you? The decision you make changes everything about the world you live in and the way that world communicates to you.
In a benevolent world,                                In a malevolent world,
everything happens for us.                               everything happens to us.
we find commonality                                         we highlight differences
we live in peace                                                   we live as piece
we operate in mosaic mind                              we live in singular mind
we help each other                                             we fight each other
we have no walls                                                 we protect ourselves in silos
Which world do you live in and how does that world influence you in the way you do business, the interactions you have with your family, the way you vote in elections, the way you view people who are different from you?
So often, I meet people who are involved in a project and they feel stuck. They have no idea what to do to get unstuck and I ask them, have you ever asked the project what it needs to move forward. I had this happen to me when writing The Mosaic. Every time I wrote something, it would get erased, or i would lose it on my computer somehow. It was only when I stopped writing what I wanted the characters to say and listened to what they were trying to tell me, that stories of The Mosaic were written.
The Mosaic has invited me to connect to the world in an entirely different way. To speak with it and listen to it in the same way I would have a conversation with someone I love. Things are not what they seem. Everything in the world IS alive. All beings, sentient or non-sentient, want the same thing, the be loved and accepted; to be listened to and heard and to be acknowledged and validated. When we learn to listen to the world around us and hear what it is saying, our lives change.


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Everything is a matter of perspective. The decisions we make in the course of  our lives determine the life that we lead and all too often the decisions we make are no decisions. We let life happen around us, without jumping into it and making it our own.
Take for example, our breath.
Most of us, don’t even give it a second thought. Relegated to the subconscious mind, we delegate the functioning of the very thing that gives us life to the unconscious mind, believing that it would take up far too much of our conscious mind to think about the process of breathing.
Imagine having to consciously inhale and exhale 24/7 for the rest of your life. It is completely understandable that we would make this decision.
And yet . . .
If the unconscious mind is in charge of our breathing process, it would also seem possible that the life we receive from the breath we take could be unconscious too. After all, what we put into life is what we get out of life, no?
When we realise our breath is what gives us life, our relationship to our breath completely changes. Science tell us we can go weeks without food, days without water, but only moments without air. Our breath is sacred.  It is what connects us to life.  And the very same breath that connects us to life also allows us to disconnect from a way of life we no longer want.
The inhale and the exhale are such powerful tools of transformation. Tools that most of us do not even know we have.
I speak more about this in The Mosaic Course I am writing in the section called The Practices of  The Four Connections.
But until the course comes out, for now, just breathe in and breathe out. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And know that I support you in your process of breathing more consciously. Love yourself in every inhalation and exhalation.
Know that we are here with you.  We want to hear of your victories and your frustrations. We are here to listen. To validate and acknowledge you on your journey. Our practice together validates the process. We are the breath that rises and falls together.
The beauty of it is, even if you do nothing, you are still doing something.  You are continuing to breath in and out. And, until that moment comes when your breath stops, you are still able to become more conscious of the way life enters you.  We invite you to discover the magnificence of the ordinary within you, for the more consciously you breathe, the more consciously you live the life you live.
The Mosaic Course will be available July 4th, 2019. To get more information or to pre-register, email me at danny@TheMosacOnline.com


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THERE ARE MOMENTS IN TIME where portals open and we are given an opportunity to walk through to the experience of a completely new reality. For me, one of those moments is happening right now.

With the convergence of Passover, Easter, the Full Pink (not really pink) Moon and Earth Day some amazing energies are happening all within the same few day. This is a very powerful moment.

Easter is perhaps the holiest day in the Christian calendar. We celebrate Christmas with more fervor, but in terms of everything Christianity stands for, it is the Crucifixion and The Resurrection that makes Christianity what it is today.

So now imagine, being resurrected from all of the trials and tribulations that we experience in our lives.  Imagine, surrendering to the one who Christianity believes has died for our sins, and imagine the liberation that comes when we elevate from this world into a parallel reality where death and sin no longer have power over us.

And then with a change of perspective, we have Passover. Where the Jews are asked to slay the sacred animal of the rulers of the world, the Egyptians and spread the blood of this sacred animal onto the rooftops and doorposts of their homes. Imagine the trust the Jews had to have in their creator to do this act of defiance in the face of their oppressors, for surely if this was not an act of God, they would have been tortured or slain for their defiance, but rather in doing so, the Angel of Death passed over ever house painted with the blood of the lamb and took only the first born child of houses not painted.

Imagine, the slaves of the oppressor rising up to leave the land of their slavery and journey off to the land of their liberation. Imagine the courage it takes to come to the Red Sea and to stand before it and ask it to part, so that they could flee their oppressors who were in hasty pursuit. Imagine the sea parting and the Jewish people walking through and then it closing to drown the oppressors in its waters. Do you have that faith today?

Imagine the faith the people had in both of these moments. The liberation of Jesus and all who believe in him from the sins of mankind and the death of man, and imagine the liberation of a people chosen by God from the oppression they endure at the hands of those who tried to suppress them.

And now, add to that, a full moon and not just any full moon, the pink full moon. This particular Pink Moon takes place in the zodiac sign Libra, which is known for its power of harmony, beauty, and partnership. This full moon will be about how you balance your devotion to yourself with your devotion to everything else in your life.

And then add in a few days later, Earth Day. It is almost like the world is saying to us, the holiest of moments are also the most ordinary of moments. Take care of the earth, do not abandon it in the pompousness of your ways.

All of these holiday have opened a portal for us to walk through, but if we remain where we are, there will remain just days on a calendar. But if we surrender to the power of the opening, we have no idea what is possible. See what you cannot see.

I invite you to find out.


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So often, in speaking with people, whether that be in guiding a retreat, giving a workshop or just listening to them in 1on1 conversations, the conversation always seems to move to PURPOSE.
It may surface from a feeling of exhaustion as a result of being burnt out, or from the disappointment that comes from working hard but never quite achieving what you want; or it may come from the uncertainty of transition; or it may arise from a mid-life crisis that brings with it a change in lifestyle. Whatever the reason, inevitably when I ask them: Do you believe what you’re doing is what you came here to do? Their response is . . . “I don’t know.”
When I ask, “If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?”
Again, the response I get all too often is, “I don’t know.”
In The Mosaic, I tell the story of Mo, a boy who loses his parents 2 years apart on the same day. The story is a charming story that will touch you heart and soothe your soul, AND what I realised in writing The Mosaic is that I found my purpose in the space between the words of the story.
What does “the space between the words” mean?  To find out, let’s shift back now to our conversation around purpose.
So many of us get up every day to go to a job that no longer inspires us, to return home too tired to give our spouse and our kids the energy they need and deserve. We worry about whether we will have the money to pay our bills, take that vacation we dream of having, and now we even wonder if our kids will come home safe from school. The stress of life takes from us the energy we need to make these changes.
But we have to find the energy.  We have to find the courage to pause to ask ourselves, Why do we continue  to do things that we hate doing so that we can continue to do things we hate doing?
Do you ever ask yourself, “Why am I here?  What is it I am intended to do here?”  Perhaps if we were to pause, we might find the answers to these questions in the space between the things we currently do. What would that space say to you?

Here is a simple exercise you can do to not only find your purpose, but also to start to monetise it as well.  To do this exercise, make a short list of the following things:

  1. Things you love to do
  2. Things you are good at
  3. Things you can get paid for
  4. Things the world needs

Now arrange your answers to the categories above in such a way that it allows you to see where your answers fall in the categories below. Find the overlaps?

PASSION is created when you do the things you love and the things you are good at.

PROFESSION is when what we are good at meets things we can get paid to do.

VOCATION is when what we are paid to do is what the world needs.

MISSION is found when the things we love are the things the world needs.

TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE find the place where all four of these pieces come together. I call this The Mosaic way of Purpose. The 3rd practice of The Mosaic is to DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO.

Imagine for a moment living from that space. Doing what you are great at doing and loving what do. Finding a gap that needs to be filled and getting paid to do what you love doing. This is the bliss of knowing your purpose.  This world awaits you.  I invite you to experience it by leaving your comfort zone and entering the world between the spaces of the world you live in now, This is The Mosaic.


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It would seem that I have lived a thousand different lives this lifetime. And though often in the past I wished I had lived a more simple, less complex life, the one I have lived has served me well. If nothing else, it has given me perspective.

I have owned and operated a café/bookstore, a clothing line, a branding company, a coaching business, and a consulting firm. I was the Director of Business Development and helped a publishing house grow from 3 million to 100 million dollars a year in sales. I studied to be a rabbi and left one day before I was to be ordained. And I lived for 10 years as a monk in a monastery. The list goes on and on.

I have dined with the richest of the rich and sat on a street corner and shared my meal with the poorest of the poor. I have had quite a few successes and also my share of failures. I have worked for large companies and been an entrepreneur. So when people ask me what I do, I sometimes have a hard time answering.

But looking back now, even as I write these words and introduce myself to you, I see that word “perspective.” Ah yes, perspective.

What I see is how things connect. And perhaps, what I am more than anything else is a connector. In fact, I wrote a book called The Mosaic. Which could be a perfect metaphor for what I do. I put broken pieces together that others have discarded, and I see connections (or missing connections) that other do not see.

It is the perfect allegory when I work with individuals, couples, businesses, and government agencies. For what we connect to or disconnect from determines our reality. I look at the choices a business makes, and I immediately see who they are. I look at what they want to achieve, the connection points they have chosen and, over time, I see if it will propel them forward or keep them away from what they seek.

I look not only at what they connect to, but how connected they are to it. If a company and its employees are not engaged in the connections they make, it cannot help but affect motivation, innovation, and productivity. What most fail to see is that, on a deeper level, everything is connected to everything else. So when we try to solve a situation by fixing only one piece, it often does not work. It is essential to look at the connection of each piece of The Mosaic and how it serves the whole. I look at a team’s connection to themselves and to each other, to their purpose and how aligned it is with their core values, and to their community, and the world they serve. Each piece is important, for it has the potential to affect the outcome of the entire Mosaic. When one connection is off, the whole suffers.

By seeing how a team connects, I also see where they do not connect. In this lies the sweet space of change. To launch a product, grow a division, innovate new strategies, or thrive inwardly and outwardly, a company must be willing to look at their connection points and ask themselves if they empower their initiative or deplete it.

Do you know what empowers and depletes your company? What becomes possible by simply making a different connection?


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When I look at our world today, I see people in search of something. Old paradigms are being questioned. Politics, religion, equality, the way we communicate, our changing workplace, environmental concerns, global warming, it seems uncertainty is the only certainty we know.
We live in the most connected time the world has ever known, and yet, there is more divisiveness than ever before.
As mentioned above, “Nothing is as it seems.” With that said, I believe the change that is coming is something bigger than we see. It is a change in the way we do things. It is a paradigm change.

In a world of disagreement, there is only one thing that we all agree on is this: This is NOT the world we dreamt of giving to our children and our children’s children. So,if we do not change the way we are doing things, nothing is going to change. It is time for us to come together and stop fighting. It is the for us to embrace the bigness of who we are rather than get lost in the smallness of our differences,  We function as a divided nation because of our choices and it is time to make new choices, to negotiate new agreements to find answers to the problems that separate us and rebuild our nations.


It made me wonder, what would happen if everything was about to change. I seem to remember, my friend Sylvia Browne, before she passed away, predicting that this would be the last president to ever take office. When she said it, I could not imagine what she could be talking about and honestly I thought maybe she had lost it. Even though I had watched her over and over again tell people things there was no way she could know, I had also seen her get a few things wrong (but who is 100% right in anything; the fact that she was right so often is what I marvelled at) and yet when she said this, I thought she had lost her mind, but now I am seeing perhaps it was I who lost my mind for doubting her.

Between the Far Left saying that they feel that if Trump were to lose the election, there could be a coup by him to keep power, and the stalemate that has developed by each silo of government wanting to prove they are right and the other party is wrong. It started my mind thinking, what if a New Paradigm was forming? One in which we moved from one person being president, to a Mosaic presidency. Let me try to explain.

There is a company called Unanimous AI that is challenging the capacity of the human mind, They are working to show how other species in nature have amplified their intelligence through the use of what they call The Hive Mind. Rather than me trying to explain that to you, please have a look at this short video.

RESOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu-RyZt_Uas

They show other species with far less mental capacity amplifying their intelligence by coming together in a swarm and they are showing through the work they are doing that human mind which is far more intelligent than a bird, or an ant, or a fish can do this too. They are proving in the work they have done with humans that the accuracy rate of a connected mind of people who just like something is far greater than that of the individual mind of the expert in a that area.

So, if the Swarm Intelligence works with people, who are simply interested in something, by bringing them together into a virtual room to find answers with their collective mind that their singular mind can’t fathom, if it can be used to predict with almost double the accuracy rate of human experts, the results of something like the Kentucky Derby and The Oscars, why would we not use this same modality to elevate our thinking in areas of world concern.

When I look at all of the people that have entered the race to become the presidential candidate for the Democratic party, I see so many people, like Marianne Williamson who are brilliant but have little to no chance of winning on their own, that I wonder, what if they were to join together and run for office together as a Mosaic?  What if they were to use using this model of swarm intelligence to make decisions together. What if this was not limited to just the talented people of one party but opened up to the great thinkers of the all parties party as well?

What if the message of our founding fathers, when they founded the UNITED States of America, was not a paradigm of one person leading over us but rather a Mosaic-Like Leadership model, where We The People come together to create a Connected Consciousness that is greater than any one mind could ever be?

What would happen if we were to bring the greatest minds and the simplest minds of the world together and allow the connected Mosaic Mind to find solutions.

The dream I had when I finished writing The Mosaic was to travel around the world listening to those no one listens to, to hear the voices of the voiceless and to create a documentary for the world to hear what these people want to say.
If you want to help me, by sponsoring this trip, please email me and we can set up a time to talk.
THE DAM CLUB would be a community of like and unlike minds that would meet in cities around the world and in virtual rooms on the internet to heart storm how to bring solutions to problems such as hunger, homelessness, healthcare, inequality, racial tensions, and clean drinking water for all. In the sharing of ideas there would be only one rule: speak without anger and listen without judgement.
I see it happening but I have no idea how this reality will come to be or how to create it, but I know that the time for it is now. The time has come for a radical change. It is time to take the greatness of the human mind and the resilience of the human spirit and bring it together to create a new paradigm where every voice is heard and where together we find find our own answers.
If species of lesser intelligence can do this successfully elevating their awareness, why wouldn’t we do it too?
A new world is coming. One where AI grows exponentially and where the discovery of life in our galaxy grows beyond human life on Earth, We are looking at a time in the near future, where for the first time since the creation of our species, The Human Being will no longer be the most intelligent species on Earth.
With the coming of Alien Intelligence and the growth of Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence left unchanged will sink to second or third place on the intelligence spectrum. It is time to awaken ourselves to what is possible, to see the future that is already here, and use the one thing that we have, our connectivity, our ability to connect with each other, to create solutions not only to the problems of today that we see, but to the problems of tomorrow that we do not see.
Coming together is not only a good idea, It is our roadmap and our opportunity to elevate our capacity to find solutions to questions we do not even know now to ask. It is time for us TO SEE WHAT WE DO NOT SEE. It is time for us to realize WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! It is time now more than ever to build our Mosaic.
Available on Amazon.com or at https://themosaiconline.com/shop/


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When I wrote my book, The Mosaic
I sat and meditated, wrote and rewrote
started and restarted,
I felt great about what I wrote and woke up the next morning
only to feel that I didn’t capture the feeling that was given to me.
It seemed to me, that what I wrote, The Mosaic would erase.
What I thought would take 2-3 months to finish, took 3 years.
But then once I finished, I sent it out to people to write reviews;
and so many people wrote beautiful reviews about how the book spoke to them.
Well known and unknown people, wrote how much The Mosaic touched them,
how many tears they shed, and how inspired they felt.
Many people told me The Mosaic reminded them in feeling of  The Alchemist
and my heart sang with joy.
Others told me, they felt a powerful presence just in holding it
and I felt blessed that my intention to infuse The Mosaic with presence had been realised.
And so I thought, once I share this beautiful book
with my friends and the people I know, it will take off; and a movement of kindness will start;
it will help to grow an awareness that what we see is only a very small part of the world that is.
That the time to reconnect divided world is now and The Mosaic,
a simple little story will play a big part in this healing.
That people comparing it to The Alchemist meant that it would launch to millions and be well received.
My heart sang thinking that The Mosaic would walk the way of The Alchemist
and that more and more people would be touched by this magical story.
The Alchemist is one of the best selling books of all time and so i felt extremely blessed to hear
The Mosaic mentioned in the same sentence as The Alchemist.
It was only when I researched the sales of The Alchemist
i found that The Alchemist, one of the best selling books of all time,
in the first year it was published, sold only 2 books.
True story.
And the only reason it sold 2 books, was because the one person who bought it,
lost it and bought it again.
I see the future of The Mosaic
and I know, one day it will reach millions of people
I now also understand the words of one of its character, The Traveller.
The way of growth is organic. Everything in life has a beginning, a middle and an end.
So many of us (myself included big time) want to race to the end, to see the final result
and bypass the time it takes to experience the middle.
Everything takes the time it takes.
Perhaps there are some that become an overnight success, 
but I remember having lunch with my friend, the world renown psychic, Sylvia Browne
and someone came up to her and said,
“It must feel so good to come out of nowhere and be an overnight success.”
Sylvia without missing a beat smiled and answered,
“Yes, isn;’t it amazing, it only took me 40 years to become an overnight success.”
So I sit this morning and marvel at the beautiful ways of the universe.
And I surrender to a wisdom that comes from a place of oneness,
where there is no time, no past, no future, only present.
There is no conversation about how long something takes to happen, and certainly no worry.
There is only the joy of seeing what is.
In this moment, I see differently. I see what i didn’t ever see before.
I am not here for fame and fortune,
nor the admiration of others or the fleeing feeling of success;
I am not here to teach nor even to learn;
I am not here to be fit and healthy, to have pain or no pain;
I am here to love;
to allow the walls of my silo to drop;
to dispel the lie of separation and to experience the beauty of oneness,
not with the beautiful words I speak, but with the complete surrender of my entire being.
Nothing else matters, for there is nothing else.
This is The Mosaic.


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When you read my book, THE MOSAIC, it will touch your heart and soothe your soul. And for many, that beautiful experience will be what they take away from their time with it. And yet, it should come as no surprise, that a book whose message is “to see what you do not see” would also offer something to those who delve a little deeper. To those who listen not only to the words of the story, but to the space between those words. it is quite possible that they will not only experience the heart warming story of connection but also, a magic that will alter their reality.

Remember what Mo’s father tells him,  “Nothing is as it seems.” What would you see if you could see what you don’t see?  What would you hear if you were to listen to the silence? When we listen, everything in the world speaks to us.

These Mindhacks are some of what came to me when I sat quietly with each chapter and allowed the space between the words to speak to me. What will the space between the words say to you?



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I am so honoured to have been asked to be a contributing writer for THRIVEGLOBAL.com. This is the Arianna Huffington’s community she created after she left Huffington Post. It is amazing to me that something I was so familiar with was so hard for me to write succinctly, but I feel like I achieved what I set out to do in this blog post.

I would love to hear what you think. Please let me know your thoughts below or email me. Thank You.




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these 4 words have the potential to change my life.
i have heard them so many times before
and always thought they were simple and sweet
but today as i sat in meditation, they entered me
like they have never done before.
i have not been kind to the people closest to me
to the ones i love most deeply
to the ones who have the greatest capacity to love me
and hurt me.
i think of myself as a spiritual man,
and most of the time, i am happy
by the way i show up in the world.
BUT (not and) . . . .
all to often, my practice of kindness is not in sync
with who i think i am.
so often, i act from a wounded place
a place of feeling hurt . . .
by how hard i am on myself,
by the pain i feel when i others i love hurt me
and by the fear that if i am vulnerable, i will get hurt more.
quite simply the pain of being vulnerable,
(and the hurt that could happen
whether real, empathic, or imagined)
becomes my reason to protect myself
behind the walls of my silo.
the more i remain there
the stronger my desire to protect myself
and defend myself becomes.
and from that place of hurt
that place where love and kindness is most needed,
there is not the vulnerability to be open
to allow love and kindness in.
what exists is fight or flight.
in my silo, i close myself off,
the walls of my silo protect me and create distance
and kindness is replaced by fear.
that is why when i meditated on these words this morning
they entered me so deeply.
i smiled because it may be simple, but it is NOT easy.
and yet, easy or not, kindness is the cure.
kindness melts the wall.
when i am kind to myself, i don’t try to knock myself down,
i no longer hit myself
and no longer need to protect myself from my own attacks,
because i don’t do that anymore.
my wall melts.
kindness is the cure.
if we were all to practice kindness to each other
i believe our world would change
our relationships, our politics, our government,
our relationship to our planet.
i know the practice of kindness will change me.
and so today i put on my BeKind2U Bracelet and recommit myself to the practice of kindness.
i welcome any and all who feel drawn to join me