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Ep 047 From Fearful to Courageous with Samantha Riley

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Jan 8, 2020

Samantha Riley

I met Samantha as we were both guests on this podcast


where the host had a ton of trouble getting his show connected,

so in that time we were waiting, Samantha and I started speaking to each other and we had  a great connection,  I appeared on her podcast and now it is my pleasure to have her on mine.

Samantha is an international business growth and marketing coach, a speaker,

a #1 best-selling author of the book “The Heart of Entrepreneurship”;

She is the host of the Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast and creator of the Business Success Academy where she states that she will increase your income to 6 figures a month within 6 months time

She works with thought leaders, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants,

helping them create profitable businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle of fulfillment and freedom they desire.

Most importantly, she loves to draw out and amplify the unique ‘Diamond Factor’ of every client she work with, so they can shine even more brilliantly and be positioned as the expert – the best of the best!

in this podcast, you will hear

  • how a mistake on the part of the person hosting us opened the door to something else that was right in front of us
  • how the fires in Australia puts life in perspective
  • how the opportunity to answer a simple question can reflect back to us our perspective on life
  • how seeing the same thing differently creates a completely different life
  • how the words we say can completely change our perspective
  • the different messages we get and the stories we tell from watching and listening to the stories we hear our parents tell. we listen to the same thing but only hear a small part of  it, giving a completely different perception of the life we choose to live
  • what she thought would be forever, did not last forever, and what came as a result of doing what she never expected she would
  • when she took away the things she thought she wanted, doors opened to show possibilities to do what she actually wanted.
  • the magic in stepping out of what we have always done, the more we get the courage to step out further.
  • do what you love doing today and it will lead you to the next thing you love doing
  • the courage or whatever the words is that allows us to open to new possibilities
  • the story she had of courageous people
  • the surprise that came when she asked people what they thought of her
  • take the step and the courage will come
  • hear about the “sprints” she offers to help people within 6 month she can take you to a 6 figure income.
  • the speed of implementation
  • what blocks us and what is the essential thing you need to do to get going.
  • your little black book of resourcefulness
  • how to get past doing the things that don’t work and keep going to find the way that is unique to you
  • who are the people that this doesn’t work for and who does it work for and the secret sauce that allows you to get from the one person to the other
  • make a new choice
  • know how to position yourself in relationship to the person you are with
  • we need to allow mindset and strategy to dance together
  • hear her answer to the question, “is this the world you always dreamed of giving to your children and your children’s children.

To learn more about Samantha please go to her website:


To learn more about Danny please go to his websites:



to buy Danny’s book The Mosaic go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG3



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DO YOU TRULY LISTEN?  We all would like to think we are very good at listening to others.  Most of the time, myself included, we tend to listen to response instead of just listening.  When we listen to respond we are already thinking about what we will say once the person finishes talking.  This does not allow us to truly listen to what they are saying through their words, tones, and body language. We miss out on a lot of information when we are busy thinking about ourselves and our responses.  This also happens in our own lives when we don’t truly listen to what is going on around us.  We need to learn to listen to ourselves just as much as to others.  Once we improve this ability doors will be opened to us to improve our lives and the lives we touch.  In Episode 10 of Pencil Leadership we talk to Daniel Levin who has been a monk, mystic and author who will explain and guide us through truly listening.

So if you’re ready; take out your pencils and let’s begin!

To follow Daniel Levin:


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i woke up this morning, like i have every other morning, but today something was different. my eyes opened like usual, i sat to meditate like usual, i offered my prayers of gratitude as usual, i listened to my guided meditation as usual, but something felt somehow different. a shift happened allowing me to see for the very briefest of  moments not what i have been looking at but what was behind what i had been looking at. i saw differently.

it felt so good to see life from a different perspective, and then in a moment, it was gone. someone walked into the room and the strength of the stories we share together, pulled the carpet of the new something i was feeling that was different out from right under my feet, and i was back immersed in the same old thing i had always seen. stories of pain and suffering and of trying to help someone find their place in the world and know themselves again when it was none of my business to do so. how quickly the glimpse reality of what i saw changed. and yet, how ever fleeting that memory is, it lingers with me. i know that just behind what i see, something else exists. how thrilling.

these last few weeks, i am looking at the stories i repeat over and over in my head, in my language i use to tell those stories and in the memorisation of stories that i repeat word for word from a seeming script that i never even realised i had written.


like an autistic child, i just keep repeating these stories as a way to communicate to a world i feel uncomfortable in. my stories fill the space of my emptiness, my words infiltrate the beliefs that continuously play like a scratched vinyl record going deeper and deeper into me, until i start to believe their stories, even though i know they are not true.

some of my script points read like this:

  • i can help you
  • when i look out at the world i see, i see a world that is separate and in constant argumentation with each other.
  • i see silos of like minded people, reinforcing what each other believe and alienating and attacking those who believe differently from them
  • everything that i love has and will be taken from me
  •  i am uninterested in living in a world where people behaves the way they are currently behaving
  • i have the honour and blessing of having a developmentally delayed daughter
  • i am a monk
  • i am so tired of people trying to sell me their services and telling me how great they used to be
  • i fell into a pothole and no longer realize how beautiful the road behind me and in front of me is
  • offering what i am to the world is just an act of prostitution
  • that i have any right at all to tell someone what to do or help them be better
  • and the list goes on and on

i woke up today and remembered who i am behind the stories that i tell you and myself. i woke up today and saw a person not in alignment with what i really believe.

i never made up my mind to believe differently than what i believe, but rather small, almost imperceivable shifts of thoughts over time became huge divides between who i am and what i believe. i was out of alignment with myself. here is one very simple example. i started to believe that the world was not a beautiful world, i started to see all the discord and fighting, all of which exists, but it blocked me from remembering the simplicity of this beautiful song and this beautiful world i live in.




one of the reasons i love having The Mosaic Podcast is because it allows me to see the world i see differently. i get to meet and speak with people who surprise me every single day. lorna davis was one of these people. i discovered her trough her Ted Talk. she ran a major corporation and was responsible for bringing the oreo to china. when first introduced, the chinese people did not like it. they didn’t respond the way the rest of the world responded and she was given the job of finding out why.  when she listened to what the chinese were saying, she realized they needed to change the filling from the standard vanilla to a green tea flavour and in a moment, the oreo in china was launched.

over time, she came to realize that the hero way of thinking was holding back innovation and that there was a new way of collaborative leadership that allowed conversations to happen and solutions to be found. it was for these 2 reasons that i wanted to have her on my show. i never expected the conversation that emerged. a conversation that was so rich and insightful that i walked away feeling changed and inspired. i invite you to listen to that now.

click here to hear it on apple podcast. click here to see it on YouTube.


there is a very blessed and sacred moment, where what we have always seen, we suddenly see differently. in my book, The Mosaic this happens when Mo, the main character sits with the people he meets along his journey and listens to them tell him their stories. in 100% of the cases, the person he sees after hearing their stories is entirely different than the person he first saw.

to experience this reality, take 10 minutes out of the course of your life and sit with someone you have never met before, someone you seemingly share nothing in common with and just ask them how they are doing. what you discover may surprise you.

to experience a change of perception, you must be able to do in life what you must do here to see this picture differently. can you see the old hag AND the socialite;  can you see the old cowboy and the young cowboy. you can not see them at the same time, in order to see one you must change the way you see the other.

this basic skill will change the way you function n business, in your relationship, how you show up with your children, and how you live your life. enjoy the process of becoming aware of all that is right in front of you.





everything is connected. for far too long, i/we have lived compartmentalised lives. separating out who we are from our public persona, doing business one way and spirituality another. and this way of living has left us feeling unfulfilled and alone. feeling that the totality of who we are is not acceptable to the world around us. if you have felt this and feel like is time to mind hack that beleif and any others that keep you limited, i have come out from my monastery and returned to the marketplace, merging the businessman and the mystic to work with those who have achieved all they thought would bring them happiness but still find fulfilment to be elusive. if it is time for you to connect all the pieces of your mosaic, let talk about doing some wrk together.

everything you need is right in front of you. you do not need to search to find it. all you have to do is see differently. i will support you in that process. to work together, contact me.

may 2020 be the year of your perfect vision 20-20 and may you become all that you are. blessings and love.


Ep 046 The Experience of Being Human with Lorna Davis

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Dec 26, 2019

I found Lorna Davis through listening to her TedTalk. She is brilliant, funny and offers such a fresh perspective on life.

i think you will find that same quality of fresh perspective in our conversation together in this podcast. i certainly did.

Background Information:

Lorna Davis transforms the way leaders operate so that they can incorporate social, environmental and financial priorities into their business performance.

Lorna inspires, coaches and provokes leaders to use business as a force for good. She runs group workshops, coaches individuals and is a highly sought after keynote speaker. She also serves on the board of a number of organizations that are committed to having meaningful purpose.

Lorna is now based in New York City where she runs Lorna Davis and Associates, working as a coach, speaker and facilitator.

She is a Global Ambassador for the B Corp movement. Lorna is passionate about wildlife conservation, particularly the plight of the African rhino.

Sit back and relax so that your mind and heart can absorb The Experience of Being Human.

On this podcast you will hear:

  • a conversation around different perspectives seeing the same point
  • the power of curiosity living in a constricted environment
  • the practice of following threads
  • instead of a plan, take the next step that appears to be obvious
    • go back to the last time you felt alive and connect to htat and then take the next obvious step
  • the importance of finding the connection to your own joy
  • the most powerful object she owns is a snow globe. hear why.
  • the settled mind vs. the thought storm
  • the simplicity of just doing the obvious
  • how we achieve settled mind
  • the reward and pain of the hero mind
  • the assumptions around if this happens, I will be safe.
  • the power of just noticing
  • the intrigue of the human condition
  • anchoring ourselves in something that is in the present moment
  • a short discussion on Ram Dass and his passing
  • the illusion of being separate and the human condition
  • the love of the attachment of being a human
  • reflections back on seeing how what we were connects to the what we are now
  • listen to a story of perspective and how relative it is
    • spend time with people living different lives than you live
    • the hangover experience
      • just knowing whatever we are going through will pass brings comfort
    • the trap of waiting for it to come
    • how afraid we are of pain
    • the experience of being human
    • the chemical impact of a thought is 90 seconds
    • in conversation with others is often where we get most stuck. watch the stories we say over and over again t the people we speak to and see if you can change the way we tell those stories.
      • we practice stories that we tell others that keep us stuck
      • experience the way you are telling your stories to others

to learn more about Lorna Davis, please go to the following resources:

Website: www.lornadavis.net

Twitter @lorna_davis10

listen to her Ted Talk:


to learn more about Daniel Levin, please go to the following resources:

Websites: www.DanielBruceLevin.com    www.TheMosaicOnline.com

to buy Danny’s book, The Mosaic, please go here: http://a.co/dvgsgG3


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LET ME WARN YOU, this is a very long conversation. 3 hours long and the beauty of the conversation is this, we could disagree from a loving place and still choose to both believe what we believe but that did not stop us from listening to each other.

i hope you will sit back with a coffee or a scotch and a cigar and just listen. i promise you, this is a fun conversation.


Ep 045 Love Money Money Loves You with Sarah McCrum

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Dec 18, 2019

Take one human being. Add a Cambridge University education and 10 years in BBC Radio. Mix in 22 years of training with Chinese Masters. Then combine with a lot of common sense, diverse life experiences and a passion for inspiring leaders. The result is Sarah McCrum and she’s different to anything you’ve experienced before.

From the moment you connect with her you are led towards a world of relaxed inner peace and happiness. It’s a world where the laws of life are constantly challenged in an easy-going, friendly way. A world where you will discover more about yourself than you ever imagined, and your greatest potential will thrive. 

After 22 years training with Chinese Masters Sarah experiences the world differently from most and this has transformed her life. She has a passionate curiosity about what makes people work at their best, and an almost magical ability to solve problems through dialogue. Her unique way of sharing peace and happiness touches the hearts of individuals, groups and crowds. It’s a powerful combination.

As a coach for leaders and business owners, Sarah is known for injecting spirit and energy into the whole family as she helps her clients shift perspectives and change their lives through simple conversations.

She has also become one of my mentors and i can tell you from my own personal experience, the more i listen to what money is saying to me, the more things start to change in my relationship with it. It makes complete sense when I think about tit, because how can i have a relationship with someone or something, if i never give it a chance to tell me what it wants to say to me. If you get nothing more from this podcast than just this one simple perceptual shift, it will be one of themes important gifts you have ever given yourself.

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • A fresh new innovative perspective on Money
  • Why so many people who are ”spiritual” don’t have money and why so many people who have money don’t have fulfillment.
  • A powerful question: What is money trying to say to you?
  • a beautiful moving audio of Chapter 1 of her book, Love Money Money Loves You that shares with you what money is trying to say to you. Listen to this everyday if you can and feel what happens.
  • An invitation to see if your relationship with money is similar to your relationship to your significant other and to life itself
  • How the marriage of money and fulfillment is the life we all seek
  • How your relationship to money is the key to having a beautiful life.
  • That first moment when you realize that everything in the world is speaking to you
  • How everything you want is right in front of you
  • I invite you to get to know Sarah work and allow it to shift some of your perspectives. You will be happy you did.

To learn more about Sarah:



To get Sarah’s Book and audio book:


To learn more about Danny:



Ep 044 The Story Behind The Storyteller with Noah benShea

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Dec 12, 2019

Noah benShea is one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet philosophers. He is a Pulitzer Prize nominated, international Best Selling author of 25 books translated into 18 languages.

He was a dean at UCLA at the age of 22 and at 30 a Fellow at several esteemed “think tanks”. He has served as a private advisor to corporate and political leaders

If you look at the testimonials he lists on his page it is a virtual who’s who of people you would love to sit with for even just a moment, but the one that touches me is from a childhood hero of mine Sandy Koufax, a Jewish pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

People told me I reminded them of him, that my book The Mosaic reminded them of his book, Jacob the Baker

I have loved our correspondence and Noah’s brilliance, wit and kindness and it is with pleasure that I welcome him to:

Here is what you will hear in this podcast interview:


  • the humble beginnings to a beautiful life that planted the seeds of greatness in him and the grace of humility
  • the beautiful feeling of how loved he felt growing up with his parents.
  • an interesting view of reincarnation
  • the moment bwtween Christmas and New Years Eve when he was watching the great business guru Peter Drucker on PBS and the question Peter asked that made him feel like he was sitting with a Zen Master
  • what he feels his work truly is
  • his counsel on how to be a source of strength to people
  • when you live on a ball spinning 160,000 miles an hour you will lose your balance sometimes. how do we deal with that?
  • self abusive vs. self accountable
  • if you were to treat every person as the savior it wouldn’t make any difference if they were the savior or not. and the evolution of his character, Jacob the Baker and how the book came to be written.
  • how he started a bakery thinking it would be fun, but it turned out to be much more, it became a big success.
  • play the part not the result and what that means
  • when he told me the story of his book, Jacob the Baker, I realized why people said I reminded them of him. Jacob the Baker could be right out of The Mosaic.
  • what is the magic behind playing the part that brings success as you look at it now in retrospect.
  • the knowledge he received when he was invited to give so many talks was not to carry the bag of his knowledge with him but rather the understanding needed to hear the truth he was to be aware of his deafness, to see the truth to become aware of his blindness to know wisdom to realize his ignorance.
  • the feeling of being blessed and still needing to find his way
  • what does the story behind his story say that he has never been able to say
  • the journey of birth, death and learning
  • the biggest surprise he experienced in his life. hear him explain this.
  • the beauty of real humor and how he loves to laugh
  • what is the one thing he would recommend we do to make this the world we want to give to our children and our children’s children.

To learn more about Noah benShea

websites: https://www.noahbenshea.com  and/or www.collegeofcaring.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noahbenshea

twitter: https://twitter.com/noahbenshea


To learn more about Danny

websites: www.DanielBruceLevin.com  and/or www.TheMosaicOnline.com

to get my book The Mosaic, please go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG

to contact me, email me: danny@TheMosaicOnline.com

also, please leave a review of this podcast on The Mosaic Podcast on AppleTunes and if you liked it please leave a 5* rating for The Mosaic Podcast

thank you for sharing your time with us and for listening to this conversation

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Dec 11, 2019

A lot of us struggle with learning to live in the now. Some people are constantly living in the past and thinking about what’s happened in their lives while others are focused on the future and what will happen next. Today’s guest, Daniel Levin is the author of The Mosaic and one of my personal mentors. In this episode, we talk about what a gift it is to be able to truly live in the now and how life’s uncertainty makes him feel most alive. He shares how to be more kind to yourself, how the words we use shape the identity of who we become and the power of showing up as you are.


About Daniel Levin:


Daniel Bruce Levin walked away from a huge opportunity (to work his way up from pushing a broom to running a billion-dollar business), to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. His life has been dedicated to finding the peace and contentment that comes from truly knowing yourself. His mission has become holding the space for others to find that peace too.

He became the Director of Business Development at Hay House and played a big part in helping it grow from $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 over the next 10 years. He is the author of THE MOSAIC, a beautiful fable that touches the heart and soothes the soul, but to this day, he feels he is not the author. He knows it was the characters of the fable that actually wrote this story.

Inside this episode, Daniel shares:

  • Being compassionate with yourself about where you “should” be
  • How to practice being kind to yourself using the Mosaic process
  • Why people are scared to be vulnerable and be seen
  • The power in becoming the storyteller of your own identity
  • The gift of being at peace with who you are
  • Going deep within yourself to set that example for other people

You can find more about Daniel at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The Mosaic Book

Check out our Hungry for Happiness community for more details, programs, and tips on how to thrive as a wellness coach!

Website | Samantha’s Instagram | HFH Instagram | Facebook | Book | Certification Program

The Hungry for Happiness podcast combines personal development, deep conversations, and comedy to shake up the way you connect with yourself and the world. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts so you don’t miss an episode!

Read more at http://hungryforhappiness.libsyn.com/podcast#MzTh041Bq4zMiCJC.99

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Another Road to Rediscovery episode has just dropped! Tune in to hear Aubrey’s chat with Author & Blogger Daniel Bruce Levin, a former monk of 10 years, and former Corporate Executive who turned down the opportunity to lead a multi-million dollar business to begin his crusade in helping the world rediscover the understanding of true human connection. We also chat about how Danny helps others improve their lives through his amazing ability as a Soul Whisperer!


In this episode, we chat with Daniel Bruce Levin, a man who walked 10 years as a Monk, who was a Corporate Leader, and turned down the offer to run a billion dollar company to search for his true self. The journey has led him to becoming an Author, and to fully hone and understand his gift as a Soul…