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Ep 024 I Can’t Read with William Manzanares IV

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If not being able to read was a disease, it would be an epidemic.

Millions of Americans can’t read but illiteracy often goes unacknowledged or unnoticed. If you are the parent or teacher of a child who struggles with reading, you know the painful way that illiteracy steals their confidence and robs them of the joy that comes from learning.

William Manzanares IV – a member of the Puyallup Tribe in Washington state – wrote I Can’t Read to give the literacy conversation a much-needed jumpstart. William, who grew up unable to read and later learned he had dyslexia, overcame these obstacles and transformed himself into a successful serial entrepreneur. In this inspirational story, William shares strategic superpowers that worked for him in the hopes it will improve literacy for those who can’t read. The book includes personal anecdotes to inspire kids everywhere – especially young Native Americans – to pursue their dreams.

  • The situation you are in in just the situation you are in in this moment. It is not who you are.
  • It is amazing how little time it takes to connect when we let down our guard and connect.
  • From the time I was a kid, I had a self-awareness of where my parents were at financially, and even though I had no idea what an entrepreneur was, I always knew I wanted to go into business. I loved history and saw the stories of people coming here with nothing build a life for themselves and succeed.
  • What scared William the most was public reading. So he compensated by trying to memorize words and practice ahead of the reading by counting patterns ahead of his reading to only learn the passages he needed to read.
    • Every single one of us has a place where we do not feel good enough. William courageous speaks about his feeling of not being good enough, that he couldn’t do what others could do and the feelings he felt and continues to feel.
    • How at home, he tried to counter the feelings of being stupid at school by finding a way to make a business at home. Anything that had to do with business he was able to make it happen.
  • Advanced Spacial Awareness- the ability to picture 3D images and remember exactly where you were and what it looked like.
  • Many people who have dyslexia also have the ability to have Advanced Spacial Awareness. Hear the first time I ever put together how my wife never gets lost.
  • What we think of as our short comings, are some of the greatest gifts we have been given.
  • So many of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic because so many of the have other abilities that the other 4 out of 5 people in the world cannot do.
  • Plus many, many more points that come through this discussion on the feeling of not being good enough and that point where we realize that we are not less than others , we just have different talents.

For more information on Willian and the work he is doing, please go to: willtalksbiz.com

To find out more about me, go to: www.TheMosaicOnline.com

Ep 023 Video Storytelling with Jude Charles

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Jude creates films and documentaries for his clients that bring out the human story behind the brand.  His videos bring out the essence of who you are.

He is a story driven filmmaker. He has worked with Google, Caldwell Banker and Steve Harvey. He digs deeps to find the compelling stories no one else knows and leverages that for higher impact.

When Jude was growing up he wanted to be a police offer. He loved and still loved the adrenaline rush that comes from life and he wanted to be a policeman so he could be involved in high speed car chases. He also loved telling stories and writing these stories down.

Turning these stories into videos, his TV production teacher taught him everything she knew and suggested he start a video creation business.  Hear the story of the following day and what happened . . .

Find out what scared him the most and then listen to what comes out when he is invited to go deeper.

Hear the heartfelt desire to be supported and his journey to finally get the approval of those whose support he wanted. And hear what gave him the courage to keep going.

The struggle of the first 5 years and the key he found to get through the struggle. And then what happened in the moment he said I have to make a decision.

When he changed the questions he asked, he received different answers. Answers that helped him.

The 359 and how it helps us to see the world we see more fully.

Hear how the demons that try to destroy us can help us rebuild

It isn’t so much following what people do, but rather finding the why that drives them to do what they do so that it inspires you to find your why to do what you are meant to do.

Who you are and how you show up means more to people than what you do. When everything is quiet, what speaks?

This is just a taste. Listen to this podcast to hear a whole lot more and when you are intoxicated with Jude and who he is, please go to his website and see how he can help you achieve what you want to achieve

Go to: www.JudeCharles.co

To know more about me: please go to https://www.TheMosaicOnline.com and to buy my book, The Mosaic please go to https://www.TheMosaicOnline.com/shop

to anyone who buy my book from the website I will include the BeKind2U bracelet as a gift

Ep 022 Speaking to Transform with Erin Loman Jeck

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Aug 14, 2019

ERIN LOMAN JECK is the CEO of The Transformation Speakers Agency and the creator of The Transformation Speakers Summit.

She came into a conversation we had together asking “How can I help you?”

* She had such a desire to create a mission that would change the world and she realized that she couldn’t do this on her own, so she reached out to others and asked how she could support them in growing their mission

* As a child, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer and was a dolphin trainer in the Florida keys. Hear how the dolphins healed her from head injuries from a very serious car accident.

Hear how the lose of her parents created a program in her head that became her biggest fear.

How her walls protected her and took the hits for her, protecting her and protecting her people and how she was able to let “Nurse Rachet” go.  Hear our strategies for letting the walls that protect us rest.

Hear how the ability to be able to feel what other people felt became her greatest strength. And then how the stories that she created around her strength feel like a power she had, but wasn’t really a true power.

If I can fix you, help you, take away your pain hopefully you will love me.

Listen to her speak about her lack of self esteem and the judgements she would feel and internalise and convince her that she was stupid.

The effect vibrationally of the thought I am not good enough on the talks they give with their mouth.

The 4 parts of compelling communication:

  1. Non Verbal 50% of what people pick up is the presence you bring into the room. If you are tense and nervous, the audience hears you have something to hide. Who you are, actually communicates the opposite of what you are saying and then nothing is heard. Fascinating realization  The fear of being judged, criticized and ridiculed. Some of the most powerful leaders we have known have been shot and taken out for their message. Some people will not like your message, and that’s ok. How the fear we feel gets in the way of us doing what we know we have to do.
  1. Vocal Tonality – 35 %When we do not change our tonality and pace, what we say gets lost. And how this awakens another part of the human brain.
  2. The telling of your story. 13% When your story unlocks the listeners story, that is where true bonding happens. and how to awaken the feelings of people.
  3. The Words only account for 7%. It isn’t what you say, it is how you say it.

To hear more, please listen to this podcast!!!!!

TransformationalSpeakersSummit.com – Palm Springs, Ca September 19-21 please join us for this event.  If you type in SPEAKERS in the coupon code area, you will get 50% off the price of the program.

To learn more about Erin, please go to ErinLomanJeck.com

To learn more about Danny or The Mosaic, please go to: https:// www.TheMosaicOnline.com

Ep 021 Walking to Listen with Andrew Forsthoefel

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Aug 5, 2019

Andrew Forsthoefel is a writer, speaker, and peace activist After graduating from Middlebury College, he was ready to begin his adult life, but didn’t know how. 

So he decided to take a cross-country quest in search of guidance. His goal was to see everyone he met as his guide.

In the year that followed, he faced an Appalachian winter and a Mojave summer. and as challenging as those both were they paled in comparison to the beasts he met inside himself: fear, loneliness, doubt. 

Thought he was advised to not trust anyone, he encountered incredible kindness from strangers of all all races and economics. Thousands shared their stories with him, sometimes confiding their prejudices, too. Often he didn’t know how to respond. 

He wanted to know how to find unity in diversity? How to stay connected, even as fear works to tear us apart? He listened for answers that he hoped would come until he began to find that the answers might be in listening itself.

After his year-long walk across America, Andrew began sharing the stories of the people he met. 

He co-produced a radio documentary about this project that was featured on “This American Life,” and wrote his book, Walking to Listen, which goes deeper into the stories and explores the practice and philosophy of walking to listen.

Andrew now writes and speaks about the discipline of trustworthy listening and its role in the work of reconciliation, transformational resistance, and peace-making at the personal and collective levels. He gives workshops and trains participants in the work of becoming a trustworthy listener. 

So much of who he is is a younger version who i am as the moment i finished my book one year ago, i felt to out on the road and be with the people no one listens too.


Topic we spoke about:

* How Andrew reminds me of Mo, the main character in my book The Mosaic, and a younger version of me.

* Even as an 8th grader, it seems somehow Andrew had an instinct that he would be walking to do something in the world.

* The cookie cutter of normal vs the unique expression of being your true self and the confusion that comes when we don’t fit in.

* What was the thing Andrew was most scared of?

* Whose life will I be living if I don’t know myself. Whose life will I be living if I don’t know myself?

* In a world where you listened to others, did you ever feel listened to? And did you ever really allow yourself to be listened to and seen in the pain you were walking with?

* To really share your vulnerability can be really scary.

*  How Andrew could listen and be there for others when he didn’t trust others to listen to him.

* How people on the walk and everywhere taught Andrew to listen?

* How people experienced being listened to by a trustworthy listener?

* The practice of being alone allowed me to see some part of me in every one I met, and the process of encountering myself everyday walking by myself across the country and getting in touch with my hearts capacity to feel.

* The courage to deal with the inner demons you met along the way.

* Experience the miracle of encountering another human being.

* Understanding the magic that comes when we realise we can’t do this alone.

* How the journey of 4,000 miles comes into today’s moment.

* The BeKind2U 21 day Consecutive Day Challenge

* How do you reconcile now that you speak about listening more than doing your practice of listening?

To learn more about Andrew, please go to his website:



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my late wife and i took our developmentally delayed daughter, Elisa to The Option Institute.
They had done some amazing work with autistic kids
and thought Elisa is not autistic, she is on the spectrum
and we wanted t see what they would suggest
for how we could best be with her.
that story is a different post
but there was one thing they noticed that changed my life.

they noticed, that i was a sucker for crying.
the moment our daughter started to cry, my heart melted
and i gave in to anything she wanted.
it happened over and over again
and when they called it to my attention, i saw it clearly.

so they asked me to record 15 minutes
of my favourite piece of music
and 15 minutes of elisa crying
and told me to listen with headphones on
to the full 30 minutes as least 3X a day
and then said to me,
when you get the same amount of pleasure from elisa crying
as you do from your favourite piece of music,
you can stop doing the exercise.

moments are just moments, sounds are just sounds,
feelings are just feelings
none of these have meaning
except for the meaning we give them.

is the mantra i am trying on now
to see if i really believe,
everyone has the right to live theirs lives just as they see fit;
i am on the journey of love and acceptance
doing my best to love and accept people right where they are.

with people i don’t know it is easy.
with those closest to me, i have a much harder time.
one step at a time, i continue to move forward
making, making one day made.

how are you in this adventure?
please comment below.

purchase The Mosaic at amazon.com
and/or visit https://www.TheMosaicOnine.com/
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i felt that
the soul of the person i was speaking to
wanted to increase the flow
they were allowing to move through them.
by both turning up the water pressure
and increasing the size of the hose

their soul said to me
there is so much more i want to give
than what you are letting come through.

as we spoke more, this person explained to me
all the work that they have done on themselves
affirmations, law of attraction, hypnosis, body work
and then i heard their soul ask me to tell them:
“the answer to your tension is not found
in the conscious or unconscious mind,
you must experience THE SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND.”

the superconscious mind elevates
it neither rationalises nor explains
it is the place where problems cease to exist.

i would watch people come to my teacher,
Swami Kriyananda wanting him to answer their questions
and after sitting with him a few moments in meditation
their could no longer remember the question
they wanted to ask.
they were then told to write their questions down
and they would come with a list of written down questions
they would meditate together with him
and then he would ask them to ask their questions.
they would look the list
and say to him none of my questions make sense now.

all of us have the ability
to tune into the superconscious mind
to listen to the voice of our soul.
when we quiet the noise within us and simply listen
our soul gives us more than we could ever dream possible.

to go beyond what you see
i invite you to read The Mosaic
available on Amazon
everything in it’s story
is about how what we see is not what is
to buy the Mosaic on Amazon: http://a.co/dvgsgG3

or perhaps you might be interested in a soul session
where together we quiet the noise around you
and listen to what your soul is saying to you
message me for more information

or maybe you just want to experience The Mosaic Cards
a free card reading that offers 3 new perspectives
to any question you want to ask.

The Mosaic Mind is the superconscious mind.
if i can help you to experience it, it would be my honor.


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“All is well and I feel like I am growing in leaps and bounds! I was thinking about our conversation when we were talking about helping to shift the soul of an organization. . . ”

SOUL SESSIONS connect you to you.
the most important voice we could ever hear
is the voice of our very own soul.
it connects you to your answers.

but sometimes it is hard for us to hear our souls
because the noise we listen to blocks the whisper of the soul.

The Mosaic (available on Amazon) has awakened in me
the ability to sit in the quiet of you and listen to your soul
if you would like to hear the voice of your soul,
lets have a conversation
to see how together we can make that happen.

when each of us take care of each other, miracles happen.
if you are interested in Soul Sessions, contact me.
may the voice of your soul always guide you.


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everything appear so different,
without the lights of the city, the stars were magnificent,
without the noise of constant motion, i could hear the silence,

the way of the outer world is the way of the inner world too,
to hear the whisper of the soul,
you must quiet the constant motion of your mind.

of all the sounds you could ever hear
the sound of your soul is the most intoxicating
the most thrilling, the most peaceful.
you soul so wants you to hear its whispers

practice the practice of stillness,
experience the sound of quiet
create the space within you to know peace.

when the piece knows peace
The Mosaic that forms around it spreads peace.
peace by piece
this is the way of The Mosaic.

i invite you to read The Mosaic
everything in it’s story
is about how the connections we make create the life we live.
to buy the Mosaic on Amazon: http://a.co/dvgsgG3

or perhaps you are interested in experiencing soul sessions
where together we quiet the noise around you
and listen to what your soul is saying to you
message me for more information

or maybe you just want to experience The Mosaic Cards
a free card reading that offers 3 new perspectives
to any question you want to ask.

if i can help you to experience your soul, it would be my honor

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Do you have a little voice inside your head that says this…

“I’m afraid to be myself and show him who I really am!”

Because of the deep fear he may not like you once he gets to know you?

This always makes me so sad to hear because at this point in your life…why can’t you be comfortable being your true authentic self?!

Why do you have to pretend to be something you’re not, in order for a man to like you?

The truth is, when you put up a front in being something other than yourself…you will always have a fear of letting a man in, to get to know the REAL AUTHENTIC YOU!

When we are born into this world…we are our true authentic self.

We are open, vulnerable and fearless.

We only develop fear after we’ve been physically or emotionally hurt.

And if you bury the pain, instead of healing from it…you will start to build a fortress of walls around you to protect yourself from ever getting hurt again.

But the walls you’ve built up…are the walls that are keeping you from the very thing you want and desire in your life…a loving healthy relationship!

And over time, you will “paint” the walls with what you believe a man wants to see in you…but in reality, that’s not your true authentic self.

And if that’s not who you truly are, then how can a man love you, for YOU?!

Aren’t you tired of pretending to be something you’re not?

So, what would it take for you to let down your walls, so a man could get to know the real authentic you?

If you want to be loved and accepted, then you need to let down the walls…because you can’t have a real connection with a man when you have these walls up.

If you want to find out how to let down your walls and find a healthy loving relationship, Daniel Bruce Levin, Author of “The Mosaic” is sharing with you how to do just that in his amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Let Your Walls Down & Be Yourself”

Go here => https://yournextamazingstory.com/let-your-walls-down-be-you…


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if you haven’t seen The Great Hack on Netflix,
it will blow your mind.

i have no idea how true or false it is
but when i watched it, i realized
the reason we are now so much more divided
than we have ever been
is because data is being gathered on every one of us,
they know what we like and what we don’t like
what triggers us and what our weak points are
and government, corporations, companies are using that data
to persuade us to think the way they want us to think.

they are feeding us images and stories that incite us
make us mad, play on our underlying insecurities
foster our hatred and position us against one another

and because they are secretly mining our data
all of this is happening without us even knowing,
they are putting pressure on our pressure points
to make those who are undecided lean towards them.

it is happening everywhere now
because we are so consumed by the internet
our privacy has vanished
and our data has become
a weapon that they are using against us
to manipulate us into thinking what they want us to think.

when The Mosaic wrote through me,
“Nothing is as it seems.”
i had no idea the implication it was showing me.
it is time to see what we do not see
to create a new paradigm
because with this sales of data
democracy at the very core is eroding.

i am so sorry to post such a post
but i watched TheGreat Hack last night
and i have spent every moment since praying for an answer.

we have to see what is happening,
see what we do not see
and come together to create a world in which a few
do not separate the many for their own benefit.

if this movie is not true, (and i believe it is)
then the situation it portrays is too close at hand to sit by
and do nothing.

please share with me your thoughts.