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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Holly Woods

By August 2, 2020Conversations

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Holly Woods

to again be completely transparent, i had had a conversation with Holly before, she is the friend of a friend of mine and we were introduced but somehow didn’t quit hit it off with each other, so i was so pleased when she responded to my invitation to have this conversation. i felt that there was so much more to her than i was allowing myself to see. and boy or girl, or both 🙂 was that ever true.

we had powerful conversation together which deviated from the normal questions i ask. it was like each answer brought up a new question and the questions that i had thought to ask were less important. i had been trying to keep it pretty formula like because i envisioned a time when we might bring together the answers of all the people i had conversations with to show the similarity and/or diversity of how we think and where as in the end we could probably get that from this conversation too, it took on a life of its own and i was happy to just be a part of it.

Holly was the only person to of the 40 or so conversations i have had who asked what i thought about every question that asked. she was sad when i told her that, but i was not, i just found an interesting observation; after all i explain to people that the is their chance to share with the world what they think, so to me it all made sense; but it did make the conversation more of a conversation, the recording went longer and we shared more we each other and had reframes on some of the particulars. you will have to see for yourself what you pick up . . .

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